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What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a powerful weight loss aid that produces multiple effects on the body stimulating it to reduce lipid digestion, fasten fat burning and boost metabolism.

The medication serves as a great stimulant, similar in action to amphetamine. It activates the inner actions increasing the amount of energy consumed, thus, reducing fat digestion.

Besides, Phentermine affects the central nervous system acting as an appetite suppressant, decreasing hunger impulses.

In general, if you still doubt about the medication intake and cannot answer the question “What is Phentermine?”, remember the magic formula – stimulant-suppressant-booster.

Phentermine is commonly used in complex with other weight loss measures, such as a low-calorie, balanced diet and constant workouts to treat excess weight in patients with risk factors, including diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Additionally, the medicine can be prescribed for instances not mentioned in the information leaflet. Being a powerful weight loss aid Phentermine influences many general body processes. That’s why, it is inevitable to follow the doctor’s recommendations to turn the medication intake into an advantageous treatment.

Does Phentermine work?

Phentermine is an effective weight loss medication that really works. Its efficiency has been proven by multiple laboratory researches and tests. Besides, its results are approved by numerous reviews and feedbacks of thankful customers who appreciate the medication.

Phentermine is known as medicine that works not only as a stimulant (like amphetamine), but also as an appetite suppressant.

  • The drug affects the central nervous system and suppresses hunger impulses.
  • The treatment stimulates the body to use more energy, thus, burn more fat.

What to do to make Phentermine work

Consult your doctor before the beginning of the treatment course. Phentermine produces a drastic effect over the whole body, thus, it is inevitable to see a doctor beforehand to ensure the safety of the future medication course.

Never change the prescribed dosage and intake periodicity in an attempted to enhance the anorexigenic effect and improve Phentermine work. Even if you do not notice any changes in a few weeks of Phentermine therapy, do not increase the dose. Visit your doctor every time you want either increase or decrease the dosage.

Follow the recommendations and instructions of your healthcare provider. Never start or stop the medication intake on your own, as it may cause some withdrawal effects and eliminate previous achieved results.

Does Phentermine work right away

Yes, Phentermine works for everyone after the first dose. Yet, this drug will not work miracles. Patients can count on a positive result in the obesity treatment, but weight loss is not going to be very fast.

Phentermine suppresses appetite, but can not do all the work for you. Patients must combine drug use with other weight loss measures. Regular exercising and balanced diet are the main additions to Phentermine that are allow increasing the results and boosting the necessary weight loss processes.

How to use Phentermine correctly to lose weight fast

Knowing how to take Phentermine is an important part of a successful weight loss campaign.

We will explain how to use Phentermine correctly to get the best of it and bust myths about the duration of treatment, and many more.

Read on to learn more about proper use of Phentermine, its long-term use and what are signs that you are abusing the drug.

How to use Phentermine properly

The easiest way to find out general recommendations on Phentermine use is to check out the leaflet of the drug.

General… right. They’re not wrong, yet some people might need adjustments.

But first things first.

Get your answers to 5 most frequent questions in “How to take Phentermine correctly” section.

ANSWER #1: How overweight you should be to use Phentermine?

Simple! You should be out of the healthy weight range (namely above its upper limit).

What does it mean?

  • Being in the overweight/obese category according to the BMI chart.


  • Having a waist circumference, longer than recommended



  • Having a waist-hip ratio higher than the recommended


Or having all three indexes higher than the recommended.


If your weight is within the healthy range, you should not take Phentermine!

The drug is strong and should be used in extreme cases only.

ANSWER #2: What dose of Phentermine should I take?

Everything depends on your individual peculiarities and body response to Phentermine effect.

If your doctor told you to take one pill of Phentermine 37.5 mg – take one pill.


If you feel unwell or feel no effect, it is a good reason for asking your doctor to reconsider your daily dose of Phentermine.

ANSWER #3: When should I take Phentermine?

General recommendation… again, yes.

Well, the general recommendation is to take Phentermine as early in the morning as possible.

Oh c’mon! Act wisely!

If you work night shifts, it is completely unwise to take Phentermine early in the morning, as it might disturb your daytime sleep (which is, obviously, the only one you can afford).

So, the best thing is to adjust the drug administration according to your usual sleep-awake schedule.


For those, who take the 8mg Phentermine pills, it is common to take Phentermine three times a day.

Make sure that you observe the required interval between the last dosing and bedtime.

If you’re late, better skip the pill.

We don’t need sleepless nights, when we are trying to lose weight, do we?

ANSWER #4: Should I take Phentermine on an empty stomach?

No! It is not an obligatory requirement.

Using Phentermine successfully means that you are using it for as long as recommended and follow a proper slimming program.

Can you do it, if you feel nauseous and vomit all day long?

Obviously, you can’t, and the mentioned above reactions are pretty common in people, taking these diet pills on an empty stomach.

So, if you feel stomach cramps or nausea, or any other unpleasant upper GI tract manifestations, have your pill with a couple of teaspoons of yogurt/porridge, or half an egg.

Choose something to calm down your stomach and let you observe the developed eating plan.

ANSWER #5: How long can I take Phentermine?

General recommendations… here we go again. These can be adjusted, as you know.

Of course, most doctors will tell you not to exceed the 12-week period.

And it’s good, since it’s the manufacturer’s recommendations, based on the results of clinical trials.

But read on to see the promised MYTH BUSTING about the duration of its use.

If you feel that Phentermine is not working and none of possible solutions to bring the effects back work for you, means it’s high time to stop taking it.

It’s a pity, your body developed tolerance to the drug.

Tip of the day! If you develop tolerance, Phentermine might not work for you next time. Better ask your doctor for a 4-pill trial pack to make sure that your body does react and it is reasonable to buy the entire Phentermine pack.

Now to the MYTH BUSTING part!

Long-term use of Phentermine


You can take Phentermine-containing pills longer than 12 weeks!


You do need to take a break from their use for the sake of your own health and to stop the development of tolerance to the drug action.

That’s not all.

You might have heard or read about clinical trials on Phentermine that lasted for 14 weeks.

The results were great, that’s right.



The two extra weeks were the placebo run-in weeks, which means that no treatment was given to patients.

So don’t let anyone confuse you. Because now you know!

Of course, following your doctor’s recommendations in without a doubt the smartest thing you can do (if your doctor is a real professional, that is).

Phentermine abuse

Moving on to a serious issue – the drug abuse.

The instructions for Phentermine use include a warning about a high potential for this drug abuse.


However, clinical trials, even really long-lasting ones, have proven these assumptions to be wrong when it comes to Phentermine.


Phentermine recreational use

Never heard of Phentermine being used as a party drug?

Good on you! Some people have.

Their decision on taking Phentermine to get high is backed up usually by two notions:

  • Phentermine has a formula similar to amphetamine
  • People get euphoria when they use this drug

Well, the first notion is true.

But check again the above extract of a trial.

It proves Phentermine to cause no amphetamine-like withdrawal, hence no such “positive” effects either.

The second notion is also true.

However, the so called “euphoria” is a side effects of Phentermine, and not every person gets this side effect!

Besides, this drug is strong and can cause quite serious adverse reactions.

So it’s definitely a poor candidate for recreational use.

Use ONLY as directed by a competent doctor and pair with a proper weight loss program to get the best results with Phentermine!

Is Phentermine safe?

What if you could use Phentermine to lose weight without having to worry about its safety for your health?

Well, this article will help you learn how to minimize possible unpleasant events.

Further reading will provide you with useful info about the safety of Phentermine, factors that influence its safety profile and steps you can make to improve it for the sake of your health.

Is Phentermine safe for your heart?

This is one of the main concerns, because most of future Phentermine users heard of Phentermine allegedly damaging the heart valve.

In fact…

The damage to heart valves was caused by another active substance, which made part of the combined weight loss drug Fen-Phen.

If you check the info more carefully, you will learn that it was not the Phentermine 37.5 mg.

The name of the dangerous drug is Fenfluramine, and it does not make part of the modern Phentermine-containing medications anymore.

But there’s a catch.

Despite the fact that Phentermine will not damage the heart valve as such, it does provide serious changes in your body functioning.

It’s not about the appetite suppression we’re talking now.

It’s about the changes that your body goes through in the “fight-or-flight” mode that the drug induces.

What happens is:

  • Your blood pressure goes up
  • Your heart rate goes up
  • The load on your heart goes up

Is it a good thing? To work under severe load for a long time?

I bet you know the answer.


To survive such challenge, you need a healthy heart and adequate blood pressure levels.

This is exactly why you need to go through a thorough check, i.e. having your BP and heart rate measured.

If the results are bad, you will not be prescribed Phentermine.

Bonus tip!

If your doctor refuses to issue a prescription for Phentermine because of your health condition, especially poor functioning of the cardiovascular condition, do NOT try to buy Phentermine online or anywhere else.

Heart patients should avoid this appetite suppressant.

It is DANGEROUS for them!

Discuss with your doctor the possibility of using other weight loss drugs or supplements that help cope with excess weight.

Is Phentermine safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?


Future and breastfeeding mothers, who ask “is Phentermine a safe and effective drug for me, and what side effects can it cause?”, should be asking “will Phentermine harm my baby?” instead.

Because it might harm your baby.

Of course, no one checked this medication on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It would be cold-blooded, if they did.


They did assess the outcome of pregnancies in women, who were using Phentermine as part of combined medications during the first few months of their pregnancies.

Some malformations were noted, like cleft lip.

However, the scientists associated the malformations with the use of the second drug that Phentermine was combined with.


Even though Phentermine was not discovered to cause any malformations in fetus, it refers to the Pregnancy category:

  • X in the US
  • B3 in Australia

Bonus tip

Women of childbearing age should use reliable contraception methods and do regular pregnancy tests to avoid any potential risks for the future baby.

What factors influence Phentermine safety?

1. Predisposition toward the development of allergic reactions.

If you have a known allergy to the drugs of the same class as Phentermine, or are prone to allergic reactions, you need to start the anti-obesity course with the lowest possible dose.

In addition, you need to carefully assess your condition and immediately address for medical assistance if you notice any allergy-like reactions.

2. Concomitant diseases.

Certain medical conditions increase the risk of unpleasant body response to treatment with Phentermine.

For example, kidney disorders prevent normal excretion of the drug from your body, which results in the drug accumulation.

This, in turn, may cause overdose and serious side effects.

Another example is suffering from diabetes.

Phentermine can alter the effect of diabetic drugs and you need to have their dose adjusted.

Otherwise, you risk suffering from hypoglycemia.

3. Compliance with the dosing regimen and doctor’s recommendations.

Do NOT underestimate the importance of observing an adequate dosing regimen for Phentermine.

Especially when it comes to the amount of pills that you take daily.


Taking more pills will not increase the rate of your weight loss!

Instead, you increase the risk of overdose and consequent adverse reactions.

Still, if you feel like the effects of Phentermine are too strong for you, you may decide to take it every other day.

This doesn’t increase the risks and helps you alleviate unpleasant symptoms, if any.

4. Medications used while taking Phentermine.

ALWAYS consult a doctor or a pharmacist before you take any other medication with Phentermine.

The list of its drug interactions is quite long, and possible reactions are quite severe.

Not every painkiller goes well with this anorectic, and not every flu pill is safe to take with it.

How long can you safely take Phentermine?

A variety of clinical trials have shown that it is safe to take Phentermine up to 3 months in a row.

If you need to lose more weight after you finish the 3-month course, you need to take a 1-2-month break from the drug.

Bonus tip!

User reviews show that there is a high probability that your body develops tolerance to the drug action, if you take it longer than 12 weeks in a row.

Therefore, it is reasonable to take a break, if you are planning to continue the treatment.

Either way, your doctor should explain everything about Phentermine safety during the consultation, before he issues a prescription for Phentermine.

Phentermine safety FAQ

Ins and outs of taking the medication

As a person who wants to lose weight, you may try a variety of methods and magic pills. However, if you want to stay on a safe side and achieve excellent results in a healthy manner, find out more about Phentermine. Before you decide to undergo this treatment, be sure to consult your doctor and ask important questions.

Important facts to know about Phentermine

  • You are not allowed to take this medication if you’re breast-feeding or pregnant.
  • The same can be said if you have heart problems, uncontrolled blood pressure, glaucoma, overactive thyroid, drug or any other abuse, and so on.
  • That’s why you should talk to your physician to discuss all possible risks and benefits.
  • Besides, don’t take Phentermine if you use MAO inhibitors because of dangerous drug interactions.
  • If you have any allergic reaction, especially an allergy to its active ingredients and aspirin, you shouldn’t undergo this weight-loss treatment.
  • Remember that taking it with other diet supplements or meds, including Redux and Phen-Fen, may result in fatal lung disorder.

Phentermine can’t be prescribed to those patients who are younger than 18 years old.

How you need to take it?

  • It’s necessary to take Phentermine according to the directions of your doctor, and you also need to read the label.
  • Taking it in lower or higher doses is a very bad idea.
  • You should take one pill at least one hour before your breakfast once a day. It’s not advisable to take this medication in the evening because of the increased risk of developing insomnia symptoms.
  • Use dry hands and don’t crash or chew these tablets.
  • If you notice increased hunger while taking Phentermine, you should inform your physician about it, because this medication may not work properly for you.
  • Don’t stop this treatment suddenly because you risk ending up with unwanted withdrawal symptoms.
  • Make sure that it’s stored at a room temperature and away from excessive heat and moisture.

Any are other important precautions?

  • What will happen if I miss your dose? Take it as soon as you remember, but skip it if it’s almost the time for the next one.
  • What will happen if I overdose? You need to seek immediate medical help because overdosing this medication can be fatal.
  • What do you need to avoid during this treatment? You shouldn’t drink alcohol because it increases the possibility to experiencing certain adverse effects. Don’t forget that Phentermine may impair your reactions and thinking, so be careful when driving a car.

Possible phentermine side effects

Once you notice any signs of allergic reactions to this medication, including chest pain, wheezing, hives, difficulty breathing, swelling and others, you need to get emergency help.

The intake of Phentermine is associated with certain side effects, just like other meds, but the good news is that they are quite rare and most of them are mild.

You should call your physician as soon as you notice such:

  • adverse effects as unusual irritability,
  • feeling short of breath,
  • unusual thoughts and behaviors,
  • depression,
  • feeling of extreme sadness or happiness,
  • hypertension,
  • headaches,
  • blurred vision,
  • anxiety,
  • feeling restless,
  • sleeping problems,
  • dizziness,
  • dry mouth,
  • constipation,
  • diarrhea,
  • sexual changes,
  • upset stomach, etc.

Important dosing information

You should not only know when to take Phentermine, but it’s also necessary to be aware of your right dosage. Only doctors can prescribe a dose for their patients based on their medical condition, age and other important factors.

Take into account that a usual dose for adults is 15-37.5 mg once a day before breakfast. When it comes to those patients who are 18 years and older, they should stick to the same dosage.

What other meds may affect this treatment?

Taking Phentermine with other stimulant medications that may make you feel hyperactive and restless will worsen these adverse effects. You need to inform your doctor about any other meds, including diet supplements, stimulants, vitamins, herbal products or ADHD pills, which you’re taking.

The same can be said about such drugs as Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Citalopram and other similar antidepressants because of the increased risk of having side effects and dangerous drug interactions.