The most popular appetite suppressant Phentermine is available in several countries worldwide. Although this weight loss medication was withdrawn from many pharmacies twice, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency renewed the marketing authorization for Phentermine pills again.


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Popular Phentermine Brands

The drug Phentermine 37.5 mg is the most popular dosage because it is extremely potent and prescribed by many doctors. The drug is used to treat obesity in patients by suppressing appetite. Learn more about Phentermine
Adipex-P is the trade name for medication that contains phentermine. Adipex-P must be taken only upon prescription and is helpful for weight loss among people who regularly exercise and follow a healthy diet plan. Learn more about Adipex P
A pill that focuses on only one element of your weight loss just won’t cut it. To get the body you deserve you need a solution that works from all angles. And that’s something you won’t get from most other weight loss products. Learn more about PhenQ
One of the solutions of losing extra fat could be Qsymia, which is a drug that containing a combination of topiramate and phentermine. The drug was approved as an extended-release form by the US FDA in 2012. Learn more about Qsymia
Improving your metabolism and suppressing your hunger will increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Phen375 is a dietary supplement designed for weight loss and hunger suppression. Learn more about Phen375
Alli® (orlistat 60mg capsules) is for weight loss in overweight adults, 18 years and older, when used along with a reduced-calorie and low-fat diet. Learn more about Alli
The weight loss drug Duromine® is an appetite suppressant. The active ingredient within Duromine® is the generic drug phentermine. Learn more about Duromine
A brand name of phentermine, Ionamin, is a hunger suppressant which is used alongside diet and exercise for obesity management. It is among the earliest drugs meant to beat obesity and got approval from FDA over 50 years ago. Learn more about Ionamin


To buy Phentermine at pharmacy, every patient should undergo a medical examination. That has to be done to make sure the use of anorexigenic CNS stimulants are safe for a patient.

If medical examination shows that there are no contraindications for use of anorexigenic drugs, a doctor prescribes his patient one of the following variants of weight loss medication:

  • Phentermine diet pills in 15mg
  • Phentermine diet pills in 30mg

Overweight patients can also buy:

  • Phentermine pills in blister strips of 4
  • Phentermine pills in blister strips of 28
  • Phentermine pills in plastic container of 100

Please note that you can buy Phentermine diet pills only by prescription. Starting with 2014, the only trademark of Phentermine weight loss pills in many countries was Ionamin. However, you can buy Phentermine pills under some other trade names at pharmacies, you just need to ask your doctor or a pharmacist to give you the list of them.

Many years, Phentermine weight loss pills were marketed as two famous brands – Duromine and Ionamin. But since 2014, several countries of the world have started to sell Phentermine anti-obesity drug under one trade name Ionamin.

  • Phentermine pills are manufactured by Typharm Limited and Packpharm Ltd.

If Phentermine weight loss pills are too pricey at your local pharmacies, you can buy cheap Phentermine online.

An average anti-obesity therapy using Phentermine pills takes 4-6 weeks as a rule. But if patient fails losing weight during this time, doctor may prolong the anti-obesity therapy for 8-12 weeks.

In case overweight is caused by some psychogenic factors, Phentermine pills may be combined with special psychotherapeutic methods.

Today, Phentermine weight loss pills can be used even by teens over 12 years old in some countries of the world. However, a few years ago this was not allowed and many doctors refused to prescribe Phentermine to teenage patients.

Phentermine diet pills are typically prescribed for overweight patients, whose BMI exceeds 30 (obesity). This medication helps those obese patients, who did not manage to lose weight, using all the other anti-obesity options.


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Do not take Phentermine pills before, with or soon after monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). The interval between MAOIs and Phentermine pills must be at least two weeks.

After the application of Phentermine pills together with other anorexigenic drugs (e.g. Sibutramine, Diethylpropion or Mazindol), potentially fatal pulmonary artery hypertension may occur. Hence, a patient should avoid using Phentermine in combination with other appetite suppressants.

Diabetic patients taking Phentermine might need to change the dose of insulin or other antidiabetic drugs (e.g. Metformin).

Obese patients using Phentermine must be careful when using some psychotropic and antihypertensive drugs.

When exceeding the daily dose of Phentermine 30mg, or using the diet pills more than once daily, side effects may increase and cause overdose symptoms.

The first symptoms of Phentermine overdose are anxiety, hallucinations, depression and fatigue. Apart from the listed symptoms, a patient may develop hypertension, nausea, diarrhea or stomach cramps.

To ease up the overdose symptoms, it is necessary to induce vomiting, wash out the stomach and take absorbent carbon. In order to improve mental state of a patient, it is recommended to use Diazepam or Chlorpromazine tranquilizers.

If patient is unconscious after Phentermine overdose, sedative drugs should be injected intravenously. In severe overdose, hospitalization is recommended.

  • Phentermine pills are taken by mouth
  • Minimal recommended dose of Phentermine – 15mg
  • Maximal recommended dose of Phentermine – 30mg
  • Recommended frequency use of Phentermine – 1 time per day
  • Recommended time of using Phentermine – morning, with breakfast.

Phentermine pills must not be prescribed to obese patients:

  • With cerebrovascular or cardiovascular diseases
  • With depression, anxiety and other psych-emotional disorders
  • With severe hypertension (pulmonary hypertension too)
  • With epilepsy, glaucoma or thyrotoxicosis
  • With allergy to sympathomimetic drugs
  • With drug (or) alcohol dependence


Original Phentermine 37.5mg is known as one of the best anti-obesity drugs worldwide. And it is available online.

Phentermine Is Rated #1 Diet Pill World-Wide By Physicians

Obesity in USA Statistics

  • Overweight Adults BMI >24 <30
  • Healty Adults BMI >18 <25
  • Obese Adults BMI >29 <40
  • Morbidly Obese Adults BMI >39

The most dangerous side effect of Phentermine is pulmonary hypertension. Exertional dyspnoea is the first symptom of pulmonary hypertension. When this symptom appears, a patient should stop taking Phentermine.

  • The most common side effects of Phentermine are: headache, constipations, dry mouth, palpitations and rash.
  • Rare side effects of Phentermine are: dizziness, depression, nervousness, hypertension, insomnia, nausea and vomiting.
  • In single cases, Phentermine causes: myocardial infarction, convulsions, cerebrovascular insult, chest pain and tachycardia.

In a long-term use of Phentermine pills, there is a high risk of drug dependence, abstinence and tolerance to anorexigenic effect of Phentermine.

Phentermine can pose a potential threat for health of the fetus. Therefore, women should not use Phentermine during pregnancy. There is no reliable data on the usage of Phentermine during lactation.

After discontinuation of Phentermine, a patient can experience sleepiness. Patients taking maximum doses of Phentermine are at higher risk of sleepiness than patients taking low doses of Phentermine are. Before driving a car, a patient must make sure he has no sleepiness because of Phentermine withdrawal.

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Phentermine Benefits

The high level of efficiency and safety of Phentermine:

  • is proved by results of large-scale clinical trials
  • is demonstrated by results of long-term post-marketing observational studies
  • is confirmed by national health systems in different countries around the world

Preferring Phentermine, you choose the best diet pills, ever been available at pharmacies. After all, no other prescription anti-obesity drug did not show such a significant balance of:

  • efficiency
  • safety
  • cost

Just one diet pill Phentermine is sufficient to control the appetite from morning till evening. Therefore, using one morning dose of Phentermine, you can observe a strict diet throughout the day, and get an urge to fast and stable weight loss.

The simplicity and convenience of a single dosage regimen help not missing a regular dose of Phentermine, and thus to maintain the high efficiency of obesity treatment.

Phentermine has helped to decrease obesity rates in UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa, USA, and many other countries for many years. But unfortunately, even such a strong anorectic drug as Phentermine is not able to stop the obesity epidemic.

For example, in the UK, the number of adult men and women suffering from overweight is growing steadily, and it has increased by more than 10% over the past 10 years.

Today, every fourth person aged over 15 is obese and approximately 40% of British men and women are overweight.

In 2016, UK is in the top 10 countries with highest obesity indicators. In USA, obesity in adults reached 35% and continuing to grow.

Once you start taking diet pills Phentermine, you will:

  • stop feeling hungry
  • restore control over your appetite
  • consume fewer calories in food

In order to compensate energy deficiency due to reduced energy intake, your body begins to burn its own deposited fat.

As a result, your weight is decreased because of reduced body fat percentage and metabolism normalization.

Thus diet pills Phentermine can help you achieve a gradual but stable weight loss because of destruction of stubborn fat cells and reduction of fat tissues not due to decreased muscle mass or excretion of excess water from the body.

Phentermine is known for about 60 years; these diet pills are proved during this period to be the most effective and safest pills for appetite control.

Phentermine combines long-term experience, well-studied risk factors, and the most effective weight loss principle: a negative balance of calories.

Before you start using Phentermine for fast and safe weight loss, you should make sure that no contradictions in your history of obesity for these diet pills.

Only upon you and your doctor make sure that Phentermine is safe for your health, you can get these diet pills and start your own successful weight loss story.

Starting to use Phentermine, you should realize that it is not magic diet pills working miracles. Fast weight loss results can be achieved only with motivation and regular exercise.

Therefore, controlling appetite with diet pills, you should try your best to make physical activity and healthy eating a regular part of your new daily life and to get slim body without excess fat.



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