Waist circumference

Waist CircumferenceThe easiest way to determine if you are overweight is weighing. If you are not in the healthy weight range for your height, you need to focus on determining the amount and location of fat.

A critical look in the mirror or an honest answer of a friend will help determine the places, where a lot of fat has accumulated. As a rule, it is the abdomen area. The human body is arranged in such a way that it accumulates fat around the internal organs in the first place.

Measurement of the waist circumference will provide information on the amount of adipose tissue in the abdomen.

The weight is usually normal, if the waist size does not exceed:

80 cm in women

94 cm in men

If the length of the waist circumference exceeds the values ​​listed above, the risks of many diseases increase. The most frequent of these are cardiovascular diseases, like hypertension and metabolic disorders (including type 2 diabetes mellitus).Statistical studies show that the number of people with a large waist size increases along with an increase in the number of people with overweight or obesity. In developed countries, the average length of the waist circumference in adults exceeds the recommended values ​​(94 cm for men and 80 cm for women) by 5-10 cm.

The proportion of women and men that have problems with belly fat increases with age. Women are more prone to fat accumulation in the abdomen than men.

To get reliable information about the belly fat content, you must follow several recommendations:

Several measurements are taken to reduce the probability of an error. Averaging the results will help you get the most reliable values ​​for the waist circumference.

If the waist size exceeds the recommended values, steps must be taken to reduce body weight. Healthy eating and physical activity are the starting point for any weight loss program.Reducing the total body weight by 5-10% can lead to a reduction in the amount of total body fat by 10-30%.The good news is that abdominal fat is burned faster, than subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you began to follow a diet and dedicate enough time to physical exertion, your waist circumference will be the first to decrease.

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