Phentermine vs Tenuate

While usual diet and exercising do no good to your weight loss process, you will probably start looking for an effective medical help. At this point you will find a huge diversity of quality and effective obesity treatments, including weight loss pills, dietary supplements and other offers. Probably the most known and widely spread drugs from the whole list are Phentermine and Tenuate.

Similar features

Phentermine and Tenuate are top-notch appetite suppressants that produce a strong effect on the body and restrict hunger impulses. Due to the drastic impact on the organism and the general health condition, both medications are prescription and should be taken under strict doctor’s supervision.

The drugs are accessible only with the prescription from your healthcare provider and are used as an additional constituent of the full weight loss program that also includes a low-calorie diet and constant workouts.

Despite different ways the drugs affect the organism, they produce approximately the same fast and impressive weight loss results.

Phentermine and Tenuate differences

Sharing a similar manner of effect production, the medications differ in chemical ingredients, thus, may influence the patient’s health differently. To understand the essence of each treatment, let’s have a closer look at each of them:

Phentermine is an effective weight loss supplement that belongs to a group of amphetamines. This popular and demanded drug has multiple alternatives and derivatives like Ionamin, Adipex and others that produce a slightly modified effect.

The drug acts suppressing the appetite, stimulating the increased production of body energy and boosting the metabolism. This way Phentermine contributes to the operation of the central nervous system, digestive organs and separate brain areas increasing fat burning and lipid digestion processes.

The medication is available in the form of before-meals dosage and extended release. It is inevitable to consult a doctor before the treatment course, as the medicine can be habit forming. So, based on your health condition, severity of obesity and other health problems the doctor will prescribe you safe dosage, strength and periodicity of the intake that will be beneficial in your case.

Most frequently the drug is recommended to be taken for 3-6 weeks.

Among common Phentermine side effects are:

  • dry mouth,
  • stomach disorder,
  • bad taste in the mouth.

However, the drug misuse and overuse cause multiple severe adverse reactions, like: allergies,

  • heart issues,
  • kidney and liver problems,
  • insomnia,
  • high blood pressure, etc.

Tenuate is a brand name of an effective and productive Diethylpropion medication available in a daily or before meal dose to help reduce the appetite.

Compared to Phentermine, Tenuate has a more powerful impact on the organism, thus, can cause even more complicated side effects if taken wrong.

The drug affects mainly the brain parts and the central nervous system suppressing the appetite and limiting food consumption.

The treatment is also habit-forming, so it is not recommended for extended usage. Tenuate is administered at much lower doses than Phentermine.

Among the most frequently appearing reactions to the medication are:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • dizziness,
  • constant headaches,
  • tremors and multiple others.

Taking into account all the similar and different points of Phentermine and Tenuate, it is possible to say that both drugs are definitely effective and produce top-notch results. However, the meds differ greatly in chemical components, so they can be used in various cases and for diverse patients.

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