Phentermine vs. Rimonabant

Having excessive weight and a desire to lose it, it is necessary to start acting. The most important point here is selecting the proper medication. While many people stick to a healthy diet and exercising plan only, you have an exclusive opportunity to add an effective weight loss medication that will speed up the results. As the modern pharmaceutical market is overfloating with diverse obesity treatments, it is inevitable to choose not only famous, but also safe and effective.

lose-weight-easilyViewing Phentermine and Rimonabant as possible alternative medications to assist in the weight loss process, it is better to check their differences and similarities, and only then opt for the most suitable one. However, irrespectively of the selected medication, a patient should follow simple rules and instructions that will turn the weight loss program into a beneficial and effective thing.

The most important is to consult a healthcare specialist primarily to the medication course. Tell a doctor about all the health conditions you have, paying special attention to heart problems, liver and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, glaucoma, etc. Besides, inform a specialist about the medications you are taking, as they can violate the drug interactions and produce devastating side effects. Restrict Phentermine and Rimonabant intake if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, heart problems (stroke, heart attack), are allergic to the components of the medication.

Follow the doctor’s prescription to avoid negative impacts of these medications and usage violations. Never change the recommended dose without doctor’s approval. Do not take Phentermine and Rimonabant longer than advised, as the drugs are habit forming and also can produce severe withdrawal effects if stopped abruptly.

Phentermine and Rimonabant: Differences and Similarities

Phentermine is a time-tested and internationally approved weight loss aid that is generally prescribed for heavily obese patients with related health issues, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and others. The medication affects two types of organs producing the necessary effects:

  • The central nervous system (including the brain and nerves) suppressing the appetite, reducing the desire to eat, boosting fat burning and increasing the amount of produced and consumed energy;
  • The gastrointestinal tract speeding up the metabolic processes, thus, strengthening the effect and improving weight loss results.

Phentermine misuse and overuse are dangerous and can cause multiple severe side effects, including uncontrollably high blood pressure, heart problems, liver and kidney disorders, thyroid, hypertension and others.

Rimonabant is another effective medication, and it is also prescribed for patients with big body mass index (about 27). The drug is used to suppress the cannabinoid receptors activity balancing fat consumption. Besides, the medication helps control the amount of consumed food and calories gained.

Additionally, Rimonabant restricts lipid digestion in the organism prolonging the achieved effect. The most crucial feature that differentiates Rimonabant from Phentermine is the side effects that are even more complicated in this case. The medication affects psychical health, producing adverse reactions such as depression, anxiety, irritation and suicide thoughts.

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