Phentermine vs. Phentremine – Medication vs. Supplement

There are only a few medicines that can be called notable. Developed and presented for use once, these have managed to remain unsurpassed for decades of their presence on the market. Phentermine is one of such drugs. Available for sale within nearly 60 years already, Phentermine still remains number one drug recommended and prescribed worldwide for tackling the problem of obesity and excess weight. In the USA alone the number of prescriptions given each year is substantial (around six millions) and steady (hardly changes despite all presumptions spreading around).

phentermineSo there’s not much surprise in the fact that various weight loss products emerging every day (or rather manufacturers behind those products) want their remedies to achieve a similar long-term success. Phentremine is one of such products – the supplement that has nothing in common with genuine Phentermine except for a similarly sounding name.

Phentermine and Phentremine: What These Represent

In common, Phentermine and Phentremine are weight loss products with one big difference – they are not in the least equal. Phentermine is a prescription medication, while Phentremine is a supplement. An active ingredient of Phentermine is a compound the drug was termed after; major ingredients contained in Phentremine are Hoodie Gordonii, Yohimbine Extract, White Willow Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Chromium and Caffeine. There is no even a particle of Phentermine in Phentremine. That’s why choosing between the products you should know for sure what exactly you are going to purchase and fully understand what effects the chosen product may produce.

What Effect You Can Expect

First and foremost, it should be clear that no supplement can surpass a medication. How potent the latter can be, it’ll never be able to come near a medicine with the respective therapeutic usage. The same is true for the Phentermine-Phentremine couple. Maximum tolerable dose of Phentremine taken won’t be able to produce the result equal to that achieved when on therapy with Phentermine. Besides, Phentermine taken within just a 12-week period maximum will produce a faster result than Phentremine, the supplement taken within a few months. Finally, bear in mind potential adverse effects, as products not backed by science can be highly dangerous.

The latter is particularly important to understand. Obtaining a prescription for Phentermine you know that your doctor has taken each and every aspect of your medical history into deep consideration. Getting over-the-counter Phentremine, you do not know exactly how your body can respond to the ingredients combined in the product’s formula.

Equally Relevant Information

If you still cannot decide what product to choose, bear in mind the following: regardless of the remedy chosen never ignore either instructions given by your doctor or information stated on the product’s label. This way you’ll get the maximum out of the remedy’s potential. Besides, do not forget to combine the chosen medical part of an entire weight loss program with other non-pharmacological methods: physical activity and healthy (calorie-controlled) nutrition. Remember, no weight loss product will work without the two aforementioned aspects, even if the promo swears to do that. Weight loss treatment is a hard-to-achieve process, so all the tools should be used.

Last but not least, always use logic: if anything in the remedy makes you feel uneasy, get as much information about it as possible.

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