Phentermine vs Phentramine

For patients interested in both medications, they are prescribed by doctors and can be bought in pharmacies to treat obesity. Keep in mind that both meds act on your body system to suppress the hormones responsible for triggering hunger mechanisms, and this is how their intake suppresses appetite.


Phentermine is prescribed to overweight patients whose body mass index is higher than 30 and if they have certain risks to develop heart diseases because of their weight.

It can be taken only for a short period of time (not longer than a few weeks), and this treatment should be combined with certain diet changes and regular exercises to get the most out of it.


Phentramine has similar functions as Phentermine, but the main difference is that it’s called natural because it includes such herbal components as:

  • black pepper,
  • ginseng,
  • citrus, and others, including hoodia.

Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is that Phentermine belongs to amphetamines that work by boosting the fight system of your body, thus, increasing the effects of stress hormones. This is what makes it a bit dangerous when taken on a long-term basis because its prolonged use may result in irritability, inability to rest, hypertension, insomnia and palpitations.

For example, the FDA doesn’t advise to take Phentermine for longer than twelve weeks to avoid unwanted side effects.

Besides, both drugs are not recommended for those people who have certain heart disorders because their intake may worsen their medical conditions. Phentermine and Phentramine are not advised for lactating and pregnant women, and the same can be said for patients who have narrowed vessels, glaucoma and overactive thyroid.

Before you start taking any of these meds, it’s advisable to keep in mind the following:

  • Phentermine is a weight loss medication available only with doctor’s prescription, while Phentramine is a herbal supplement.
  • Phentermine belongs to amphetamines, while Phentramine contains 100% natural ingredients.
  • Phentermine can’t be taken for a long period of time because of specific dangers. When it comes to Phentramine, there is no scientific information as when to stop its intake, but patients should stop this treatment if they feel that unwanted adverse effects can’t be tolerated.

Which one is better?

Phentermine has higher risks involved with its intake, but it can offer more effective results, while Phentramine is more natural and can be taken for a longer period of time, but its effects are not so obvious.


In conclusion, remember that Phentermine is a weight loss medication approved by the FDA. It has been available for many years and it acts as a powerful appetite suppressant by affecting your central nervous system.


Phentramine is a legal over-the-counter medication used by people to lose weight. It’s manufactured in the FDA-regulated facility and designed to offer the same effects as the first one.

Both medications work by releasing specific chemicals in your brain that help to control hunger, but the key difference is that Phentramine also contains the components that help patients boost their energy levels while being more natural. Don’t forget that you still need to exercise and stick to a certain diet plan.

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