Phentermine vs. Meridia

For those who are concerned with their excess weight and looking for effective tools to lose fat, you should get more information about these popular medications, their similarities and differences. Basically, Phentermine is a stimulant, while Meridia is an anti-depressant, and this means that they belong to different drug classes.

First, you need to understand that Meridia is a brand name for Sibutramine, which is a weight loss drug that works by suppressing appetite and is sold only with doctor’s prescription. It belongs to SSRIs that help users control their appetite by inhibiting the reuptake of specific hormones, including dopamine. This is what results in increasing the levels of those hormones that control hunger and appetite in your brain. It’s worth mentioning that Meridia is the first SSRI used to lose weight, although other medications of the same class are used as anti-depressants.

Second, Phentermine belongs to amphetamines, and it’s a very popular weight loss treatment product these days. However, it’s available only with a prescription and it stimulates your fat loss by suppressing appetite, improving metabolism and stimulating your central nervous system.

Read customer reviews and other sources to determine the best weight loss medication for your needs. It’s advisable to make a comparison to choose between Meridia and Phentermine with ease.


It’s a weight loss medication prescribed as effective treatment by many doctors, and it works as a great appetite suppressant. This medication uses neurotransmitters in your brain to help you suppress appetite naturally and cut down regular meal portions. Its active ingredient is sibutramine, and it can help overweight patients lose fat effectively and at their own pace, while enabling them to cut down snacks.

If you suffer from such medical conditions as kidney problems, liver ailments, hypertension or take other drugs at the same time, your doctor will advise you to avoid this weight loss treatment because of possible dangers. If you are prescribed with Meridia, you still need to monitor your pulse rate, blood pressure and go for medical check-ups on a regular basis.


It’s a well-known prescription medication, which is easy to buy over the Internet. It works by suppressing your appetite through central mechanisms in your brain. You should understand that this med is an effective stimulant that boosts the amount of adrenaline in the body. There are many obese patients who use this therapy to lose fat effectively, but they may experience certain adverse effects in rare cases. The most common ones include vomiting, headaches, irritability, nausea, insomnia and so on. Besides, keep in mind that you’re not allowed to take Phentermine for longer than a few weeks because of developing dependency and serious side effects.

To sum up, Meridia and Phentermine are two different medications that affect your brain in different ways and are used to treat obesity.

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