Phentermine vs. Herbal Phentermine

For many people who want to lose weight, you should be familiar with Phentermine, a popular prescription medication taken by overweight patients to suppress their appetite. There are many doctors who prescribe it to those people who suffer from obesity and have certain health risks, including diabetes, heart problems and so on.

How can it help? Phentermine helps patients lose fat by reducing their hunger and making them feel full longer due to its specific qualities that are similar to amphetamines. Keep in mind that this weight-loss drug was approved by the FDA in 1959, but you should consider it only as a short-term treatment. Taking it for a long period of time is a poor idea because you may develop certain withdrawal symptoms and have other risks.

What about herbal Phentermine? This medication is easy to find in many health food shops and it claims to have similar benefits as its prescription version. To make the right choice and lose weight, you need to make a detailed comparison and consult your doctor.

List of Important Features

eat_lossOne of the greatest benefits about herbal Phentermine is that its purchase doesn’t require any prescription, unlike its standard alternative. This means that you can buy it in any pharmacy or online without showing doctor’s prescription. However, it’s necessary to read the label to find out that it’s a non-prescription appetite suppressant that is safe and contains only 100% natural ingredients. The good news is that this supplement is scientifically designed to have the same effects as its prescription type, and it works by boosting the metabolism, burning calories, controlling your appetite and increasing energy levels.

Basic Functions

As you already know, herbal Phentermine claims to have similar fat loss effects on your body as prescription one, but remember that there are no clinical tests that can support this statement. What about its components? Well, this herbal supplement contains L-carnitine, green tea extract, black pepper, etc. This means that the ingredients of herbal and standard Phentermine versions are quite different, but the natural type is created to be a substitute for the chemical one because it’s easily accessible to anyone without having a prescription.

Most Important Effects

Another interesting detail is that herbal Phentermine claims to provide patients with the same weight-loss effects as the standard version but without any adverse effects. When it comes to taking prescription Phentermine, its use may result in experiencing such unwanted symptoms as dizziness, hypertension, blurred vision, irritability, nervousness, constipation, nausea, insomnia and others. L-carnitine that is included in herbal Phentermine is the amino-acid and derivative that is often used to help those patients who have specific metabolism issues. Besides, black pepper and green tea extracts are included in different weight-loss and fat-burning products available in the modern market. They are quite effective when it comes to boosting metabolism levels and improving the thermogenic of your body. Alpha Lipoic acid is an efficient antioxidant that is used to treat such serious diseases as HIV and diabetes.

Possible Warnings

If you prefer to start your weight-loss program with herbal Phentermine, you need to read the label and take it only according to the directions on its package. Though this product claims to have no side effects, it’s still necessary to take it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have allergic reactions or heart problems, you need to see your doctor in advance.

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