Phentermine vs Fastin

What is the difference between these two medications? If you are asking this question, you need to understand that they are not the same, so find out more about each one to make a more informed comparison.

Originally, Fastin diet pills contained phentermine, but their modern version doesn’t include this active ingredient.

That’s because this brand was sold to another pharmaceutical company which started to manufacture this medication from different components that didn’t include phentermine. Besides, Fastin doesn’t belong to prescription drugs, which is another major difference, because Phentermine can be bought only if you have a prescription from your physician. Fastin is designed to be an effective appetite suppressant that helps patients lose weight and boost their energy levels.

Keep in mind that Phentermine is a popular appetite suppressant too, but it’s available only with a prescription and approved for a short-term intake. However, both weight loss medications may contain certain ingredients that may cause specific drug interactions and side effects, and that’s why you should talk to your doctor to discuss possible risks and benefits, regardless if you prefer to take Fastin or Phentermine.

The latter one was approved as a powerful appetite suppressant sold with a prescription in 1959. Don’t forget that it belongs to controlled substances because it’s considered mildly addictive and can be abused. Its effects are a bit similar to amphetamines, and you can find this medication under other brand names, including Adipex and Ionamin, in addition to different generic forms. Remember that the intake of Phentermine is associated with specific adverse effects, such as difficulty sleeping, insomnia, irritability and so on. In 1990s many doctors prescribed this medication with another fat loss drug called Fenfluramine, and this combination was known as Phen-Fen.However, after many cases of serious adverse reactions it was forbidden. Modern Phentermine is a prescription drug recommended to those patients who suffer from obesity in the right combination with regular exercises and diet changes, while Fastin pills do not contain the same active ingredients and they are considered dietary supplements.

According to the manufacturer of Fastin, the company bought this trademark from its previous owner and started to produce its own line of dietary products.

Now, you can find three Fastin versions at its official website, and none of them is similar to the old version that contained phentermine. For example, it’s possible to order Fastin dietary supplements, Multi-vite for her and XR.

They all claim to help users suppress their appetite and lose weight faster.

When it comes to their ingredients, they include alkaloids and others that may cause certain side effects, such as hypertension, irritability and increased heart rates, just like other drugs available in the modern market. The good news is that their cases are rare and mild.

In conclusion, you need to realize that all over-the-counter and prescription meds designed to lose weight must undergo strict clinical tests to prove their effectiveness and safety.

They are also subject to specific testing and manufacturing standard of purity, but the main difference is that dietary supplements like Fastin don’t have to undergo the same clinical standards and meet the same requirements as prescription medications based on the FDA.

You always need to tell your physician about other medicines you’re taking, regardless of whether you prefer Fastin or Phentermine.

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