Phentermine vs Ephedrine: Pros and Cons of Each Treatment

When comparing medications, it is inevitable to pay due attention to their medical properties, efficiency and functionality. It is impossible to judge about this or that treatment based only on several reviews of customers, but they help to formulate the general information about some definite medication.

First of all, both Phentermine and Ephedrine are weight loss aids that serve as great suppressants, stimulants and boosters.

Sharing the same effect, the drugs differ in their action greatly.

While Phentermine acts similar to amphetamine, Ephedrine is more methamphetamine-like.

Judging by the general effect, both medications are commonly prescribed as reliable excess weight treatments for patients suffering from accompanying health conditions, including uncontrolled blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and some others.

Before Phentermine and Ephedrine Intake

As the impact of the medications depends not only on their pharmaceutical properties, but also on the overall health condition, they require doctor’s prescription. Inform your doctor about all the health complications you have and drugs you are taking to prevent contraindications and serious side effects.

Both Phentermine and Ephedrine are not advised to be taken by separate groups of people, including:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women (as the medications can affect the health of an unborn or nursing child),
  • people having glaucoma,
  • heart problems,
  • the history of stroke, etc.

That is why it is strictly prohibited to pass the medications to other people without healthcare specialist’s supervision.

What is Phentermine and How Does it Work?

Phentermine is a potent weight loss medication that is prescribed for patients with big body mass. The medicine produces mild and drastic effects at the same time. It has a great impact on the work of the central nervous system and separate brain areas. As a result, the patient receives boosted metabolism and suppressed appetite. Phentermine is only one part of a full obesity treatment course, advised by the doctor. Low-calorie, balanced diet, regular exercising and behavior changes are other indispensable components of a successful weight loss process.

Phentermine should be taken right as prescribed by a healthcare provider; otherwise, serious side effects may appear.

It is vital to opt for correct drug dosage and strength to avoid possible adverse reactions and other complications. The medication should not be taken longer than recommended by the doctor as it is habit forming. Let the doctor supervise the treatment course for it to be 100% safe and effective.

What is Special about Ephedrine?

Ephedrine is also an effective weight loss medication, though its action resembles methamphetamine, though produces a less profound effect. The treatment affects mainly the nervous system, boosting the potent sympathomimetic and stimulatory action.

As a result, the patient receives a faster and more quality performance aid and fat burner.

An incredible effect of Ephedrine has contributed to its popularity among bodybuilders and athletes, as it does not only help burn extra fat, but has a preferable respiratory effect, improving lung volume and breathing capacity. Ephedrine, as well as Phentermine, is a prescription medication requiring doctor’s recommendations.

All in all, the only crucial difference between these drugs is in potential patients, as Phentermine is used mainly in extreme cases, while Ephedrine can be taken “of label” to eliminate a small subcutaneous fat layer.

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