Phentermine vs Ephedra

The first and the most important fact is that both Ephedra and Phentermine are effective weight loss medications. The drugs are usually taken by people with serious cases of obesity, sometimes with such risk factors as:

  • diabetes,
  • heart disorders,
  • high blood pressure levels and other related conditions.

But is there any difference between these two quality treatments? The most striking discrepancy is in FDA approval. While Phentermine is recommended by Food and Drug Administration as a safe and reliable medicine to treat excess weight, Ephedra is banned by this institution. Nevertheless, both drugs are frequently used to reduce obesity and boost diverse processes in the organism. Phentermine, as well as Ephedra, is a powerful stimulant that helps decrease excess weight, though understanding the difference between them gives you an opportunity to compare the drugs, their pros and cons, benefits and risks.

Irrespective of the chosen treatment one should consult a healthcare provider first. This way you will eliminate the risks of possible side effects and negative organism reactions to the new treatment.

Identifications and uses


Being a stimulant, suppressant and booster, the medication influences the operation of a few vital body processes, including the work of the central nervous system and brain. The drug acts as an amphetamine stimulating the consumption of a greater energy amount. Besides, it produces a drastic effect on separate brain parts suppressing the appetite.

Phentermine also contributes to faster metabolic processes. Thus, the complex effect of the treatment has a positive impact on the organism decreasing weight. The drug cannot be taken for a long time as it will decrease the results and sometimes even cause side effects.


Belongs to a group of natural weight loss aids. Its active ingredient, Ephedra sinca, is a plant that contains multiple efficient compounds, such as pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, known for their stimulating effect.

Despite being banned, Ephedra is an efficient and safe medication that has the same influence on the organism as Phentermine. It also increases the heart rate, boosts the amount of consumed energy and speeds up the metabolism. Being an FDA approved prescription medication, Phentermine can be purchased in a vast majority of land-based and online drugstores, while Ephedra is much more difficult to find and its safety cannot be proven.

Safety differences

Another indispensable concern when taking any medication is its reliability and safety. Comparing Phentermine and Ephedra, it is possible to judge about a higher safety level of the first, as it is approved by the national administration.

Surely, misuse and overuse of both can cause severe side effects, but the common reactions of the organism to Phentermine are less dangerous.


Among the most frequently reported minor Phentermine side effects are:

  • headaches,
  • dizziness,
  • upset stomach,
  • problems sleeping,
  • sudden mood changes,
  • impotence, etc.


Taking into consideration side effects caused by Ephedra, it is stated that the supplement causes more serious issues, such as:

  • uneven heartbeat,
  • severe headaches,
  • chest pain
  • other signs of stroke or diverse heart problems.

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