Phentermine vs. Benzphetamine

Reaching the peak of obesity and having no opportunity to change anything with a simple diet and exercising, people start looking for more drastic measures. Weight loss medications, dietary supplements and other pharmaceutical products are of great help here. However, another important point is opting for an effective and safe weight loss help that will suit your overall health condition.

Once you’ve made up your mind to proceed to the medicine course to treat obesity, consult your doctor first. Tell him/her about all the health problems you have, including heart, kidney or liver disorders, hypertension, thyroid, glaucoma and other issues. Besides, inform your healthcare provider about all the medications you are currently taking. This information is vital and can prevent you from severe health problems and side effects appearance. After the consultation your doctor will offer you a couple of weight loss drugs, safe and effective in your exact case. Most frequently they are Phentermine and Benzphetamine. Both medications belong to the group of amphetamines that produce anorexigenic effect, so their impact on the body is very similar.

Common Features of Phentermine and Benzphetamine

Phentermine is an efficient, quality obesity treatment that is well-known for its potential effect. The treatment is prescribed mainly for heavily obese people suffering from related health conditions, like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other. The medication affects mainly the central nervous system, including nerves and brain, producing a desirable effect. Having Phentermine as the main ingredient, Benzphetamine preserves the same action, thus, boosts the same results. The greatest effects of Phentermine and Benzphetamine include:

  • Appetite suppression. Modifying the operation of the central nervous system, the drugs restrict the desire to eat, thus, reduce the amount of consumed fat;
  • Stimulation. The medications increase the heart rate and speed other vital functions, producing and consuming more energy. They help burn some fat and prevent its digestion.
  • Boost. Affecting the gastrointestinal tract, Phentermine and Benzphetamine speed up metabolic process, restricting the digestion of consumed fat.

Consisting of the identical active component, both medications have similar precautions and contraindications. It is not recommended to take Phentermine and Benzphetamine being pregnant or breastfeeding, as the medications can be dangerous for the health of a nursing or unborn child. It is prohibited to pass these drugs to other people without doctor’s supervision, as it can be harmful for another patient.

Follow the prescription of your healthcare provider taking Phentermine or Benzphetamine to make the treatment course safe and effective. Do not change the dose or intake periodicity, as it can lead to a range of complications. The drugs are recommended for short-term use only, as they are habit-forming. Besides, do not stop the treatment abruptly, as it can cause severe withdrawal reactions. Never increase or double the drug dose, as misuse and overuse can cause serious side effects, including heart problems, kidney or liver disorders, uncontrollable blood pressure and others.

Differentiating Features of Phentermine and Benzphetamine

While the medications are similar in the main points, they differ a bit in the potency of action and daily dose. Phentermine is a more powerful weight loss treatment, so it is recommended to be taken not more than twice a day. On contrast, Benzphetamine used in the same dose can be taken up to 3-4 times a day.

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