Phentermine vs. Alli

Uses, Precautions and Side Effects

Consulting a doctor about weight loss aid, you will probably hear the names of these two effective and powerful medications used to treat obesity. The diet pills are traditionally recommended for those who want to lose weight, but have related conditions, like heart problems, diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Both medications are created to help patients lose weight, suppressing the appetite, increasing energy, boosting metabolism and decreasing lipid digestion. Phentermine, as well as Alli, produces even better results if combined with other weight reducing programs, such as low-calorie diet, constant workouts and behavior changes. However, the drugs cannot be mixed with other weight loss supplements without doctor’s approval, as it can be dangerous for the overall health condition.

Considering the differences and similarities of Alli and Phentermine, it is important to highlight that the action, precautions, uses and even side effects of the drugs are very similar, though they have a different impact on the organism. That is why, before you start any weight loss tretment, consult your healthcare provider, inform him/her about your health state and all the complications you have for him/her to prescribe you a safer and more effective medication for your exact health condition.

Phentermine Features

Mature-WomanPhentermine is a powerful weight loss medication that is generally taken by patients with a very big body mass and related health issues. The medication is prescribed for a short term, up to five months, as it can be habit forming, producing severe side effects when stopped abruptly. Besides, it is reported to decrease the thinking ability and impair reaction. The action of Phentermine is similar to amphetamine, as it also releases noradrenalin in the brain, decreasing the appetite and suppressing hunger impulses. Additionally, the medication is effective, as it boosts metabolism and increases the amount of energy consumed by the body. All these actions influence the organism greatly and stimulate it to work faster, harder and more effective. As a result, a patient receives reduces lipid digestion and speeded fat burning.

Despite all the advantages of Phentermine, it can be dangerous for people under 16, unborn and nursing children. Thus, do not pass the medication to other patients without doctor’s consultation, and do not take Phentermine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Inform your doctor about all the health issues you have and medications you are currently taking. Pay exceptional attention to MAO inhibitors taken within the last 14 days. Follow doctor’s prescription to avoid side effects.

Alli Peculiarities

Alli is a potent over-the-counter derivative of Orlistat that also serves as a weight loss supplement. Alli, just like Phentermine, is used by people with definite health complications. It works by decreasing fat absorption and boosting metabolic processes. The main difference between these two effective treatments is the action (even its severity). Alli has a bigger influence on other body functions, thus, it has a bigger range of precautions and contraindications. Moreover, when taken wrong, it produces more side effects and adverse reactions.

All in all, sharing a common effect on the organism and producing similar side effects, Alli and Phentermine still have multiple differentiating features that can play a crucial role in this or that case. Stick to your doctor’s prescription and never change the drug without medical advice.

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