Phentermine vs Adipex

It is a well-known fact that Phentermine and Adipex are the two most effective and demanded prescription weight loss aids, though hardly anyone assumes that they are actually the variants of the same medication.

Being an incredibly potent medicine to treat obesity, Phentermine has a great number of derivatives, generic counterparts and alternatives. Adipex is one of the most widely spread brand names of Phentermine. In other words, the two drugs are literally the same, share identical results, precautions, contraindications and even side effects. However, being a Phentermine derivative, some minor features of Adipex have been modified, thus, these drugs have some slight differences.

Differences between Phentermine and Adipex

  • Adipex is Phentermine alternative that consists of Phentermine Hydrochloride (37.5 mg), repeating the dosage and chemical substance of brand Phentermine 37.5 mg.
  • Contrary to Phentermine, Adipex consists not only of active components, but extra inactive ingredients, including corn starch, colorant and other chemicals that are combined to get an easily distinguished and recognized product.
  • Aside from the pills’ forms and dosages, Adipex and Phentermine differ in inactive ingredients that are combined with the active ones, thus, can produce different effects.
  • Since the results of the treatment courses often depend on the general health condition of the patient, Adipex and Phentermine can cause a slightly different effect and contribute to the weight loss process differently.

Similarities of the two weigh loss meds

Phentermine, as well as Adipex, is a great quality prescription weight loss medication. Despite some minor differences, the drugs have much in common as they share the active component. Besides, the effect of both treatments is the same. They feature impressive appetite suppressing, fat burning and metabolism boosting effects. Contributing to the operation of multiple vital health processes, the medications produce desirable results without any serious harm to the general health condition.

It is vital to remember that both drugs are prescription and require medical consultations. Thus, irrespective of the chosen treatment, see your doctor and inform him/her of all the health conditions you have and medications you take.

Pay an exceptional attention to such issues as thyroid, high blood pressure, glaucoma, allergies to the components of the medicine, history of heart problems, such as stroke and heart attack, etc.

Phentermine and Adipex are not advised for breastfeeding and pregnant women as they can have a severe impact on the health of nursing or unborn child.

Do not take the drugs if you have used MAO inhibitors within the last two weeks. Follow the doctor’s prescription and never change the recommended dosage and strength of the treatment course.

Both Adipex and Phentermine serve only a part of the whole weight loss process. Additionally, to achieve the necessary effect faster, one should also stick to a balanced, low-calorie diet and keep fit working out regularly. The increased medicine dosage will not produce a boosted effect, though can cause multiple severe side effects.

All in all, Phentermine and Adipex are effective weight loss medications that are literally identical in action, pharmaceutical features, side effects and other peculiarities, as they consist of the same active ingredient. However, some patients can prefer one of the drugs due to the characteristic features of their personal health.

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Sharon escue
Sharon escue

I have taken Adipex before and it really works. I”m in a new town because of my job and don’t know how to find a Dr that will prescribe it. Any Ideas?

Lisa Blake

Hello Sharon. Thank you very much for your feedback. I am very glad that Adipex helped you to successfully lose weight. As for your question, it’s hard to give any certain answer, because you didn’t say in which town you moved to. The best thing, I guess, is to find a clinic and schedule a visit. I am sure you remember that you have to give some tests to make sure you can take it. And please, don’t forget to inform the doctor about any illnesses you suffer from, as well as the drugs you are using currently. Take care… Read more »


does anyone on phentermine experience drowsiness when driving?

Lisa Blake

Hello Artemis. I answered your other post here . Hope it helps. Good luck!