Phentermine vs. Acomplia

Interested in effective and safe weight loss medications? Find out more about Acomplia and Phentermine because they are popular meds that help many people control their appetite and fight obesity. If you are concerned with their similarities and differences, the most important detail that you should know is that Acomplia is not an appetite suppressant, unlike Phentermine, and this means that its intake is not associated with developing any dependence and euphoria. Both medications have been successfully taken by adults to treat their excess weight for many years. Besides, their effectiveness and safety are confirmed by many clinical trials and tests.

What Patients Should Learn about Acomplia

fat_noneBasically, it’s a popular weight loss medication created to help patients who suffer from obesity to fight their health condition. Acomplia works by blocking certain receptors in the central nervous system, and this is what helps users control their hunger cravings. Keep in mind that it’s a brand version of the generic drug called Rimonabant, and its active ingredient has the same name.

This weight loss medication is available in standard 20 mg pills that help people lose fat faster. It’s often prescribed by doctors in the right combination with low-calorie diets and regular workouts. However, before you are prescribed to take Acomplia, your body mass index will be calculated in addition to considering relevant risk factors, including diabetes.

There are certain concerns based on the results of some clinical trials because they suggest the link between the intake of this medication and developing depression (the worst case is having suicidal thoughts and actions). That’s why Acomplia is not recommended to those patients who have a history of mental ailments and take antidepressants. For example, if you’re diagnosed with depression or similar medical conditions, your treatment will be stopped to avoid serious side effects.

Basic Facts about Taking Phentermine

This medication is also prescribed by doctors to treat excess weight in their patients. It works as an effective appetite suppressant, but you can take it only for a short period of time and together with certain diet changes and regular exercises. Phentermine is available in different forms, including standard 37.5 mg tablets, 15 mg capsules and resin capsules.

If you’re interesting in how it works, you should understand that this medication provides excellent weight loss results by stimulating your hypothalamus gland and affecting specific neurotransmitters, and this is what allows Phentermine to reduce your appetite. Make sure that you take it on an empty stomach, only once a day, before having your breakfast. Don’t forget that this weight loss medication may disrupt your normal sleeping patterns, and that’s why it’s not advisable to take it in the evening.

Brief Summary

There are several reasons why the intake of both medications must be stopped, including developing heart and mental issues in addition to severe side effects or allergic reactions. The main difference is that the active ingredient of Acomplia is rimonabant, while Phentermine contains phentermine. Another important detail is that Acomplia is a cannabinoid receptor antagonist, unlike the other medication in this comparison. Its maximal recommended duration of treatment is two years, while the FDA advises not to use Phentermine for longer than 12 weeks. The most serious side effect of Acomplia is developing mental disorders, while the intake of Phentermine may lead to uncontrolled blood pressure and increased heart rates.

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