“I do not eat sweet, I do not eat much!”

To give up the sweets and floury foods, to give up the sweets and floury foods

To get up an hour early and jog in the morning

Yet magic affirmations do not work, dreams remain dreams, and extra kilos do not go anywhere. Who is to blame, and most importantly, what to do?

In 1979, the experiments of the dean of the School of Technical and Applied Sciences of Princeton University Robert J. Jan showed that our brain can directly affect the material world.

The researcher has proved that consciousness is nothing but energy in its finest and most dynamic form. This discovery allowed us to take a completely new look at the fact why our fears and desires exert such a great influence on real events. In other words, whatever we do, our thoughts create the world around us. Therefore, what we want is important, yet most importantly is how we want it.mindNevertheless, most of us eat, sleep, work, go shopping, without noticing at the same time about what and how we think. We dream of a beautiful tight figure, but all the time complain about the lack of time to take care of yourself. In this case, your mind is set up only for worries, and you will definitely have no time to work on your nutrition, sign up for a specialist, go to the gym.John Kehoe – the author of the bestseller “Mind Power into the 21st century!” – describes the famous experiment of the psychologist Alan Richardson.

The researcher divided the student basketball team into three groups:

  1. Players of the first were training daily in the gym, Players of the first were training daily in the gym,
  2. Players of the second group did not train at all,
  3. Players of the third group were working with a psychologist, mentally working out throws and pitches and working on positive attitudes.

bookThree months later, the group’s sports skills were checked during the game. The first group improved their performance by 24%, the second group did not advance in achievements, and the third group had the same improvements as the first group had.

This experiment does not say that now you can eat what you want and forget about trainings. Not at all. It shows that you need to work on yourself in all directions: both over the body, and over your thoughts.Attitude or settings are one of the simplest mental ways to influence our brain. By affirming, we influence the thoughts that arise in our head. If you say “I’m getting slimmer and more attractive every day,” your brain naturally adjusts to your transformation. Perhaps, this seems incredible, but in fact this method very effectively helps in achieving your own goals, provided that you make efforts.

Design your wish list in the form of appropriate statements and read it for 10 minutes regularly, say your settings to yourself. Concentrate on positive statements at any convenient opportunity. This simple exercise help to pass time in transport, queue or in some monotonous occupation that doesn’t require thinking.

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