How to start a diet? A few secrets, which you did not know

If you really want to lose weight fast and keep the results, you should first make a detailed plan of action.

There are decisions that we make reasonably and self-consciously: we weigh the pros and cons,
we plan steps,
we gradually implement our plan.Yet, we also make emotional ideas that arise under the spur of the moment. There, you take out of the closet a pair of jeans that you didn’t wear a couple of months, and figure that you hardly manage to fasten the zipper. Oh God! I have to lose weight as fast as possible!

Having made a spontaneous decision (“I urgently need to lose 2 kilos fast! I am going on a diet!”), just a few of us starts from planning. Most women immediately go into action – they stop having dinner, or completely refuse carbs, or start running 10 kilometers every day, although they didn’t even do morning exercise ever in their life.

When you realize that you have gained weight, it is impossible to wait – you need to act, the sooner the better. If you agree with this statement and act exactly like this, you are wrong. Experts recommend an opposite approach. You gained weight? Pause, calm down, and then prepare for the necessary changes both mentally and physically.If your body, your mind, your kitchen, and the contents of the fridge, and even your family, is ready for a new way of life, you will be able to bring your plans to life and keep the result. It is considered that a complete preparation takes an average of two to three weeks. Don’t be surprised, if you start losing weight fast as early as this period. Some women drop 2-3 kilos already at the planning stage, since they start regarding their nutrition and lifestyle more consciously. So, before you try a new super diet, make a thorough preparation. Losing weight and maintaining weight after weight loss require serious motivation. Think about why you need to lose weight, and write down the list of reasons on a piece of paper or insert into your phone memory.

What do you want to change and improve by dropping weight: Dreaming to impress everyone at the next classmates meeting?
Return the self-confidence?
Wear clothes that you really like?
See the admiration in the eyes of your husband?
Lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels and improve health?The more important reason that makes you change your lifestyle, the more likely it is that you will be consistent. Identify your main goals and think of them every time you have to give up chocolate chip cookies or french fries.You see the numbers on the scale, and your heart skips a beat in terror. How many?! Did you gain six kilos?! What to do?! In fact, not only the result of the weighing is important. Very often, namely the obsession on the amount of kilos forces women to give up the proper way of life in a few weeks or in a few hours after the decision.What other information should be taken into account to create a competent weight loss plan:

The circumference of the chest, waist and hips.
Clothing size.
Time in which you may run/quickly walk one kilometer.
The number of push-ups and sit-ups that you can do in one go.
Blood test results.Record your original data, and you will be able to see the first results, even if the weight remains unchanged. Your blood pressure returned to normal? Cholesterol level dropped? You are more enduring? All these intermediate victories will help you stay motivated.Be prepared for the fact that not all the relatives and friends will enthusiastically meet your desire to change yourself. The husband may be offended that you no longer keep him company, when he wants to drink a beer and eat a bag of chips before bedtime.Mom may get upset if you give up a third piece of homemade cheesecake, and your mother in law may take as a personal insult the fact that you’re now preferring green salad instead of potato salad.

So, try to find people, to whom you may turn for help and support. Your team must include: Someone you may call a friend in adversity: a friend or a neighbor, who is also trying to lose weight and will go along with you for a walk in the park or go cycling in the neighborhood.

Someone, who will appreciate your progress: a person, to whom you may call and boast with your results.

Someone, who you may take as an example: ideally, a friend, who carefully monitors the health and nutrition of the entire family. She always knows what kind of oil for salad is the most useful and what kind of bread contains the most fiber. Observe and take note!

Someone, who can share the experience: a friend, who successfully lost weight and maintains weight after weight loss in a stable manner. This is the person, with whom you may share your doubts. You won’t feel ashamed to complain about the hard life to such friend, and he will always give a good advice. He knows how hard it is for you, because he herself faced similar problems.Take your time choosing yourself a support group for yourself, and do not seek advice from the friends, who usually say: “Why are you torturing yourself? We live only once, you should have fun! Let’s have another piece of cake!”Admit that the main reason, why you didn’t manage to lose weight before – is you yourself. And, of course, those pretexts and excuses that allowed you to endlessly put off changes. What were you telling yourself: I have no money for the fitness club membership.
I have no place to run in the mornings, because there is no park next to the house, and running around with so many cars is just silly.
I do not have time to cook for myself individually.Put on paper each of these excuses, and then think on how you can get rid of them. Yes, you don’t have money for an expensive fitness club right now. Yet, you surely are capable of downloading a set of exercises from the Internet and exercise for weight loss at home.Few people realize that, when starting a diet, they should change not only the food they eat, but their thoughts, as well. Whenever a thought comes to your mind, like : “I will never manage to lose weight” – make a conscious effort to tell yourself: “I will manage. I want to be beautiful, young and healthy”.If you initially do not believe in your own strength, how will you be able to change yourself? Try to replace negative thoughts and statements with positive ones. Do not say: “I am not allowed to eat burgers”. Say: “I prefer a salad of green vegetables and fresh juice”. Such attitude allows you to base your diet not on prohibitions, but on your own intelligent choice.Take a garbage bag and put inside those harmful products, which promote your weight gain. Start with the most obvious. Immediately remove from your sight: chips,
sweet biscuits,
semi-prepared food,
packed juices,
alcoholic beverages.You should also get rid of what you normally eat in large quantities. You open a chocolate bar and can not stop until you finish it? You always take a second (and sometimes third) serving of ice cream? These products should not be in your home.

Throwing products away is not easy, especially if your children and husband also love eating them. Maybe, you will be able to persuade the family to your side and make all other family members refuse chips and cola? If this is not possible, keep all harmful and high-fat foods in a separate box and treat these products as clothes of your family members. Yes, these things are in the closet next to yours, but you do not own and you do not use them.Do you have sports clothes that sits well on you? What about the running shoes, which are convenient for exercising? Maybe, you need a cook book that will help you develop new healthy recipes for weight loss? Or maybe you should buy scales for food? Buy something that will help you lose weight and will create an additional incentive for exercising.You should think about what you will do when you reach the desired weight. Many women, when seeing a cherished figure on the scale, immediately decide that they need to reward themselves for their efforts!

They start eating burgers and double servings of dessert.As a result, jeans fasten with difficulty again. Think about how you may please themselves, but these pleasures must not conflict with your new – healthy! – lifestyle. Maybe, you will buy three new dresses? Or pamper yourself with a gym membership? After all, you really should reward yourself.

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