Frequent question: Is porridge OK on slimming world?

Oats are a really versatile ingredient for many cooks and on Slimming World. They are one of the healthy extra B choices so a popular choice too. The current Slimming World allowance is 40g for the healthy extra b choice of any plain oats.

How many SYNS are in porridge oats?

What better breakfast to wake up to? Deduct 7 Syns if using Porridge oats dried as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice. A colourful breakfast that’s ready in a jiffy. Warming, comforting and easy to prepare – you can’t beat an oven-baked spud, especially with this tasty topping!

Is porridge healthy for weight loss?

Thus, the long lasting feeling of satiety of porridge is the most important component that can support you in losing weight. The popular snacking will be a thing of the past, as you will not feel hungry until lunchtime. If you also want to include healthy fats in your porridge, then chia seeds or flaxseed are perfect.

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Is porridge made with water free on slimming world?

40g Oats Porridge made with water (Healthy B choice) with Frozen Mixed Berries (Defrosted of course & free!) Sharon HJSlimming World Life!

How many SYNS are in a packet of porridge?

Just read the nutrition values on he packet, its 1 syn per 20 calories as there is no free food in this kind of thing.

What is the best porridge for weight loss?

Porridges made from 92g of cooked quinoa have around 111 calories if made with water, or 202 calories with skimmed milk. Amaranth porridge is higher in calories, with 92g cooked amaranth coming in at 126 calories made with water, or 216 made with milk.

What can I put in porridge to lose weight?

You can add almond milk, unsweetened banana puree and cinnamon for rich and healthy taste. You can add different spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cayenne pepper to enhance the taste. To make them even better, you can add 1-2 egg whites while cooking the oats.

Does porridge burn belly fat?

Oats: This weight loss superfood is high in protein and low in calories, which make it the perfect food for a flat stomach. Oats take time to digest in the body and hence, tend to burn calories. This is what makes oats a good source of energy through the day and lowers your cholesterol.

Which is better for you porridge or Weetabix?

Weetabix and other wheat biscuits have the best fibre content at 10g per 100g – which means you’d get nearly 4g, or 16pc of your recommended daily fibre intake, from a typical serving of two. … Flahavans Quick Oats meanwhile has a gut-friendly 8.3g of fibre and Odlums Porridge Oats has 9.1g fibre per 100g.

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Is porridge make you fat?

If you do not take a few things into consideration, even oatmeal can lead to weight gain. It can instantly turn from a slimming breakfast to a blood sugar-spiking food that can be harmful to your waistline.

Can you eat Weetabix on slimming world?

CEREAL. Cereals marked with * have the lowest sugar content. TIP: Most similar supermarket own brand cereals can also be Healthy Extra B. For example 2 x Asda Wheat Biscuits (Asdas version of Weetabix) are classed as Healthy Extra B.

Is Rice free on slimming world?

At Slimming World, we don’t believe in cutting out food groups. In fact, potatoes and dried plain pasta, rice, noodles and couscous are all Free Foods, which means that you can eat as much of them as you like! If you fancy some quick, comforting carbs, our healthy pasta and rice recipes will hit the spot.

How many SYNS is a spoon of Nutella?

1 tbsp Nutella 4 syns.

How many SYNS is Oatburst instant porridge?

Thanks! The pots are 9.5 Syns each.

How many SYNS is cinnamon porridge?

I have the OSS porridge and my group leader said to count the 6 syns as a Hb and add on the rest. So the cinnamon one would be a Hb, but the Golden Syrup or my fav Raisin, Saltana, Apple and Cranberry would be 1/2 syn extra.

How many SYNS are in original porridge?

The original one can be used as a HEB or is 5 syns.

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