Does Kachava help you lose weight?

Ka’Chava is a meal supplement powder that many customers say has helped them lose weight by reducing their hunger throughout the day. It is a bit expensive as a supplement, but is relatively affordable if compared with the price of a meal.

Is Ka Chava actually good for you?

Either they taste great and have really iffy nutritional value and high sugar, or they are really healthy, high in protein, low carb and taste like chalky watery paste. The nutritional value of this stuff is pretty amazing and it is low sugar/carbs.

What does Kachava do for the body?

Fortunately, Ka’Chava isn’t your ordinary powder—yes, it’s loaded with plenty of plant-based protein, but also 26 essential vitamins and minerals, 8 antioxidant-rich fruits, 17 greens and veggies, and a host of other micronutrients to fuel your workouts, build muscle efficiently, and aid in recovery.

When should you drink Kachava?

For maximum benefits, some research suggests consuming a combo of protein and healthy carbs 30 minutes to a couple hours before a workout, or within an hour after a workout is the most beneficial.

How often should you drink Ka Chava?

It’s not magic. Just a nutrient-dense, calorie-light meal, high in protein, fiber and healthy fats (the 3 key nutrients that control hunger) Drink it 2 X per day to lose weight, and 1 X per day to maintain. Discipline and willpower are good, but being prepared with healthy meals on-demand is even better!

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Does Kachava make you gain weight?

When we formulated Ka’Chava, our goal was to maximize the calorie-to-satiety ratio by optimizing levels of protein (25 g), fiber (9 g), and healthy fats (7 g) — three key nutrients that help balance blood sugar and control hunger. Because of this, you may be less likely to overeat or gain weight.

Does Kachava make you poop?

That’s because magnesium is considered an osmotic, meaning it helps pull water into the colon, which in turn helps you poop6. Ingredients in Ka’Chava such as kale, spinach, and cocoa contain magnesium, and one serving of Ka’Chava packs 60% of your daily needs.

Does Kachava have caffeine?

We don’t add any caffeine to either flavor of Ka’Chava. For comparison’s sake: A tablespoon of cocoa powder contains just 12 mg of caffeine while an 8-ounce cup of coffee contains 95 mg. … If you need to avoid caffeine completely, choose Vanilla Ka’Chava.

What do you mix Kachava with?

Just add water!

12-14 Oz of ice-cold water. 2 heaping scoops. Mix well & enjoy!

Is Kachava good for building muscle?

Building and maintaining strong muscle is about so much more than protein (although, that’s great too). Ka’Chava’s powerhouse nutrient lineup helps reduce muscle fatigue, aid in muscle recovery, and support proper muscle contraction.

How long does a bag of Ka Chava last?

The shelf-life unopened is 12 months (since the date of manufacturing), however once opened, we suggest you consume it within 1 month as there are no preservatives added.

How do I return Kachava?

Return Procedures

  1. Tell us you’d like a refund, and how many open / un-open bags you’ll be returning (1 bag of each flavor is allowed).
  2. We will provide you a return address closest to you.
  3. Place the bag(s) in a box and mail it to us.
  4. Send us the tracking number.
  5. We will initiate your refund* within 48 hours of receiving your package.
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