Slimex – Easy Way to Lose Weight

Slimex is an anti-obesity drug, designed to help you lose your extra kilos. Slimex possesses a clinically significant anorexigenic effect, due to which you will be able to reduce hunger & cravings to achieve faster weight loss results.

The composition of the diet pill Slimex includes active substance Sibutramine. The main effect of this active pharmaceutical ingredient is directed over the brain functions that regulate hunger and satiety.

By affecting the hunger regulation mechanism – Slimex pills:

  • Inhibit excessive appetite and reduce the frequency of binge-eating episodes.
  • Help reduce the consumption of delicious, sweet, fatty high-calorie foods.

Just one morning dose of Slimex is sufficient to:

  • Get control over your appetite throughout the day.
  • Reduce the total daily calorie intake.
  • Improve the long-term commitment to a healthy diet.

*To help yourself achieve your weight loss target in complete safety – comply with the prescribed Slimex doses.

  1. Within 24 hours, take no more than a single Slimex dose of 15mg.
  2. Do not take these diet pills for more than two years in a row.
  3. Your blood pressure is need to be monitored regularly.

With a long lasting Slimex use, the risk of cardiovascular side effects increases. Therefore, obese patients should avoid the abuse of these diet pills and periodically reassess the balance of benefits and potential risks.

Proven Slimex advantages

  • Minus 4 pounds from the initial weight 4 weeks after the beginning of use.
  • Minus 5% of the initial weight in six months or a year after the start of treatment.


  • Food Craving
  • Permanent Hunger
  • High-Calorie Fast Food


  • Observe a balanced diet
  • Increase physical activity
  • Control your appetite with diet pills

… and watch your weight decreasing every day … every week … every month.

Key disadvantages of Slimex

Undesirable reactions

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation


  • Eating disorders
  • Allergy to Sibutramine
  • Use with MAOIs
  • Use of other anti-obesity medications


  • Age up to 16 years
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation

If your weight decreased by less than 4 pounds within one month of the daily Slimex use – the diet pills should be discontinued and, if necessary, replaced with diet pills that contain another active ingredient.

Alternative for Slimex

If Sibutramine-containing medicine Slimex is contraindicated or causes serious adverse reactions, it can be replaced with other medications for weight loss, which are sold with/without a prescription, including:

When replacing one slimming drug for another, it is important to keep in mind that the fundamental principles of a safe, healthy, and effective weight loss are:

  • First, a balanced diet.
  • Second, physically activity.

With a low level of physical activity and no attempts to reduce the caloric value of the daily menu – diet pills will work, yet the effectiveness of the weight loss program will be at a very low level.

Where can you buy Slimex

Slimex pills are available only in online pharmacies. Therefore, only obese people, who are trying to find the best diet pills on the Internet, know about them.

  • The manufacturer of Slimex pills is HAB Pharma & Research Ltd.
  • Signature Pharma is indicated as an international supplier of Slimex.

Online pharmacies that collaborate directly with HAB Pharma or Signature Pharma offer the best prices for Slimex and provide an opportunity to get a discount.

To purchase Slimex pills online, no prescription or mandatory consultation of the doctor are required. Therefore, potential buyers will be able to order this Sibutramine-containing drug in a few minutes and get it right to the door of your home or office.

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