Phentermine Side Effects

Phentermine is a potent weight loss aid that produces drastic effects on the organism, thus, it is vital to follow the doctor’s recommendations to make the treatment safe and effective. However, the medication can cause multiple common side effects, even if taken correctly.

Such minor complications serve a normal reaction of the organism to a new medication and its ingredients.

Among the most frequently reported common downsides are:

  • headaches,
  • dizziness,
  • problems sleeping,
  • irritability,
  • anxiety,
  • upset stomach,
  • diarrhea,
  • nausea and a few other symptoms.

Such reactions should fade away and fully disappear in a few days of Phentermine intake.

Misuse and overuse of the medication can cause more serious complications, including irregular, uneven heartbeat, uncontrolled muscle movements, sudden mood changes, sexual interest and ability decrease. Consult your doctor immediately after you have noticed any of such abnormalities.

Seek emergency medical assistance if the following severe Phentermine side effects occur:

  • vision changes or loss,
  • racking headache,
  • seizures and convulsions,
  • slurred speech, etc.

The drug may also cause serious lung and heart issues (sometimes even fatal) if not taken right. Besides, there have been cases of allergic reactions (hives, swelling, rashes, irritations, etc.) reported.

How to Avoid Possible Adverse Reaction

Consult your healthcare provider primarily to Phentermine treatment course to ensure the high safety level of the medication.

Never change the adjusted dose to avoid overdose with all its side effects.

Do not take the medication longer than it is prescribed.

Once you have missed one dose, take it as soon as possible, but skip it if it is almost the time to take the next one.

Follow all the doctor’s recommendations and instructions to eliminate the risks of Phentermine side effects appearance.

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