Secret diet life-hacks of celebrities

Losing weight on lettuce and cucumbers is boring. What a difference it makes to lose weight while stuffing your stomach with Japanese potatoes or eating every day only food of one particular color. And what do you think about such weight loss methods, as: drinking apple cider vinegar and eating coconut oil with a spoon? 

It sounds scary, but, as it turns out, these methods can help you get slim fast. Our article provides you with the information about the most bizarre dietary life-hacks of celebrities that are worth repeating by only the most desperate diets lovers.

To transform the most ordinary diet into a show? It is easy, when it comes to any star. Celebrities are willing to try extraordinary weight loss tricks, and some of them, interestingly, are effective. Introducing a baker’s dozen of celebrities, who, not counting the cost, swallow dubious delights only to lose an extra couple of centimeters in waist and hips.Madonna adheres to eating system, which is based on the moon calendar. The essence of the “Werewolf diet,” as it is otherwise called, implies consuming only water and juice for 24 hours during a full moon, and within 36 hours during the new moon.MADONNAAccording to experts, change of atmospheric pressure and water movement during these periods affect the metabolic processes in your body and accelerate the process of cleansing from toxins. In the remaining days, the Queen of Pop is trying to eat only vegetables, seafood and foods rich in fiber.Megan Fox is one of the stars, which we have never seen gaining weight (she manages to keep her weight at around 50kg). Even being pregnant, the star of “Transformers” easily kept her body in good shape.At the same time, she can not be called a fan of a healthy eating system and exhausting exercise. However, this celebrity has just one secret – every morning she mixes two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinks it.MEGAN FOX

  • suppresses cravings for sweets,
  • tames the appetite,
  • activates the metabolism,
  • cleanses body of toxins.

*But the nutritionists and doctors warn that people with liver disorders or gastritis should avoid this method.Christina Aguilera sticks to, perhaps, one of the most unusual weight loss diets in our collection. Its essence lies in the fact that you can only have food of one color per day.Mondaywhite
Thursdayorange and so onCHRISTINA AGUILERAVociferous star didn’t just come up with this idea on her own. She took the advice of American scientists. They found out that the color pigments in foods affect the human body. And their proper alternation can help you control hunger and promote a rapid weight loss.

By the way, the efficiency of this technique was successfully tested by other stars, as well, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Demi Moore and Mariah Carey.

The actress once succumbed to one of the fashion dietary trends: she got on a diet, during which you should only eat ready-to-eat baby food. At that, Reese was not the only person in Hollywood, who complied with such an unusual weight loss method. Gwyneth Paltrow was doing the very same thing (what’s left to say, the actress experimented tirelessly over her body) and Jennifer Aniston.


  • in the production of baby food, they use only natural ingredients with no harmful additives, (i.e. such food is healthy)
  • small jars do not allow to eat too much
  • you will not carry a large supply of cans during the day, because they are quite heavy (natural way to control the amount of food eaten).

By the way, contrary to the view of many people, baby food is quite tasty, especially fruit purees and mix of meat and vegetables. However, a wave of enthusiasm for this kind of diet has long subsided, but the fashion is cyclical, so who knows – maybe it’ll be back soon?Double times a mother, Liv Tyler looks amazing and says that beauty gives her without much pain. One of her favorite life-hacks is very simple: she loves… cold shower!”Once, my hairdresser said that I should rinse head with cold water, because it closes the hair cuticle” says Liv. “I started washing with cold water from head to toes, and I like it a lot! I have a strong feeling that I am losing weight a little bit after each shower”LIV TYLERWe are not sure about losing weight, yet cold water does tone your skin and blood vessels, so take this advice on board.According to the assurances of dozens of celebrities, coconut oil can work wonders. It is a panacea for the face, body and hair. Many people also like using it for cooking. But Miranda Kerr consumes oil not as a subsidiary, and as a separate ingredient:MIRANDA KERR

  • she eats a full tablespoon of this product once a day during one of the meals.

According to Miranda, the oil improves digestion and prevents stomach bloating.The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn’t have the most gourmet-style dietary secret.  She loses extra kilos on cabbage soup. This is not Grandma’s soup with cream, but an “empty” concoction, cooked on the basis of this low-calorie vegetable only. This soup does not contain fat, but it has a lot of fiber.SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR

  • you should eat this soup three times a day for a week,
  • alternate meals with small snacking with a slice of baked potato or a handful of boiled rice.

They say, suffering will be rewarded with a loss of as much as five kilograms. At least, Sarah claims that it’s true, and resorts to this method before important events and filming.American actress and reality TV star Snooki to regain shape after giving birth, by her own admission, started gobbling on… cookies. Of course, not just any cookies – the dietary ones.

This special treat was created by an American nutritionist, Dr. Segal (we suspect that Snooki mentally thanked him for such a useful invention thousands of times). Cookies contain large amounts of protein and fiber with extremely low amounts of fat.SNOOKY

  • for a month, Snooky refused breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • instead of meals, she ate 6 biscuits.
  • for dinner, this reality diva allowed herself to eat baked chicken or fish.

We really like this diet! It is a pity, the miracle snack recipe is not available in the public domain…Natalie Portman never had any problems with overweight. However, we have never seen her so slim, as she appeared in the movie “Black Swan”. While preparing for shooting, the actress got on a strict diet that is based on raw carrots and almonds.NATALIE PORTMAN

  • for breakfast she ate the orange root vegetable with a bit of soy low-fat yogurt
  • for lunch – a handful of almonds with green salad
  • for dinner – the same lettuce salad and a piece of tofu.

In just a few weeks of such meager weight loss diet, the star lost weight from 52 kg to 43 kg (having the height of 160 cm). Fortunately, it didn’t affect Natalie’s health. Indeed, immediately after the shooting, she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby. However, we still do not recommend you to “try this at home”.At present, Karl Lagerfeld looks great, but things weren’t always like that. At a certain period of time, the master has lost 36 kilograms by following a specially developed weight loss diet. Yet, another thig keeps interesting us. How Kaiser manages to maintain weight after weight loss for so many years in a row?Karl Lagerfeld

  • Diet Coke-Cola (in 2011 he even issued jointly with Coca-Cola a limited edition of bottles with a proprietary design)
  • Chocolate protein shakes
  • Baked apples

He can eat and drink these foods for days, and they help him avoid weight regain. Admittedly, we were surprised by this list. What about you?For days, Pop diva could consume the cocktail of a fusion mixture of:

  • cayenne pepper,
  • lemon juice,
  • water,
  • maple syrup.

BEYONCÉWhen the media reported this, everyone immediately rushed to find out, whether it is harmful.

It soon became clear that if you consume such drink for weeks, you can seriously damage your stomach, and B has decided to abandon the risky experiment. Now, they say, she makes fasting days on vegetable juices and rejoices the result.The rigorous nutrition system of Gwyneth Paltrow gave raise to tons of rumors. They say:

  • she has excluded from her diet everything that is capable of promoting weight gain one way or another. she has also indulged the same cocktail as Beyonce for a long time.
  • she excluded dairy products, meat and gluten

GWYNETH PALTROWas a result… the actress was diagnosed with osteoporosis (decrease in bone mass and density). Doctors say that extreme weight loss methods, especially when combined with daily workouts, do not contribute to skeletal health, and the star has proved this by her own experience.

Some even say that Gwyneth’s dietary habits are among the things that caused her divorce with her ex-husband Chris Martin. They say that she didn’t feed her husband with hearty meals that most men love very much and tried to impose her eating standards. No one knows if it’s true. However, we should admit that Paltrow looks amazing. May be her diet does work?The actress confesses that when she began noticing on her face wrinkles in the morning that do not disappear during the day, she rushed to look for anti-aging methods. And she found them! And not just anywhere, but in the Japanese market.It turned out that the Japanese potato, which is called Satsuma-imo and has a purple skin, is a source of many nutrients. It also contains much fewer carbohydrates, than regular white potatoes. Olivia cooks it in the following way:OLIVIA MUNN

  • cuts into pieces a few centimeters thick,
  • pours olive oil over them,
  • sprinkles with cinnamon,
  • puts in the oven.

The celebrity eats baked potatoes during the day as a dessert and notices that she does look younger. Besides, the dish turns out delicious, so Olivia doesn’t feel the craving for other high-calorie sweets.

Meanwhile, doctors do not believe that everyone should follow the example of Olivia, and go in search of exotic vegetables. Dr. Lisa Moskowitz, a nutritionist from New York, is sure that it doesn’t contain any supernatural vitamins. “If you eat regularly, for example, berries or salmon, you will get exactly the same effect. I see no reason to make a bet on the unusual potato “, she says.

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