Reasons why you cannot lose weight

1. Lack of goal

In order to achieve something, first it is necessary to set a goal and to formulate it clearly. Your goal may sound like this: “I am healthy and full of energy, my body is strong and flexible, my weight is … kg and I easily run a half marathon.”Now you should set a realistic term in order to realize this ambitious picture in your life and your inspiring goal is ready!2. Lack of motivation

This is perhaps the main reason because of which many overweight people cannot lose weight. You can easily check effect of motivation: once again complaining about the fact that you have no time for fitness and your loved ones prevent you from eating properly, ask yourself this question:“Will you able to lose weight if you are promised a prize a million dollars for successful weight loss?” Surely, you would find strengths to do this.3. Lack of information

If you once again wonder why you cannot lose weight despite titanic efforts and giving up your favorite dishes, ask yourself another question: what do I know about weight loss or rather, about healthy lifestyle and fat burning?People sometimes light-mindedly begin weight loss process, focusing on numerous Internet myths and then lament because of lack of results, fatigue or (much more serious) health problems.

Do not be lazy to spend a couple of days to read about mechanisms of fat burning, familiarize yourself with information on types and effectiveness of trainings, consult your doctor and a professional nutritionist if it is possible. Thus, you will minimize risk of injuries and will be able to begin struggle against extra pounds leading to your goal achievement.4. Naive belief in miracles

“20 kilos per month without efforts!” «No diets, only cocktails of natural plants, and you will lose weight without feeling of hunger and going to the gym!”Magic belts, corsets, shorts for weight loss in a dream, fantastic pills, powders, bars, shakes mysteriously burning your calories and excreting fat from your body, massagers modeling figure due to vibrations, weight loss ointments and solutions for baths, powerful goji berries by means of which allegedly all modern celebrities have lost weight in an instant – this list is endless.

This state of affairs is explained by the banal faith in miracles: everyone wants a magic means to occur, which will help to lose weight in one week and forever and will stop you from eating sandwiches before going to bed. The sad reality, however, there are no miracles, any goal is achieved by efforts, tears, sweat and daily struggle with own laziness.5. Lack of sleep

People with extra pounds often wonder after another failure why they cannot lose weight and sincerely do not understand why it is so difficult to reduce the body weight, as well as they complain of lack of strengths to go to the gym.A solution is often surprisingly simple; it is possible that you do not sleep enough. Crazy rhythm of eternally waking metropolis has long been turned your 8-hour of sleep into utopia, you are used to big rush at work and parties in clubs until late at night, so do not notice as chronic lack of sleep weakens your body, causes to overeat and makes it impossible to train. On the way to slimness and health, sleep should be your priority – 8 or even 9 hours of quality rest is needed to your body to cope with loads and get used to new diet regimen.6. Attempts to grasp the immensity

A decision to lose weight is often one of the items in the list, which can be roughly characterized, as “I will start a new life on Monday”.Together with the goal to lose weight, you want to learn a foreign language, to get additional education, to take an extra project to achieve finally promotion at work, but soon you are disappointed because unable to cope with all ambitious projects simultaneously. The desire for self-improvement – is great when it is accompanied with common sense and a sense of proportion. Creation of a beautiful figure requires patience and ti

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