Prolonged anorectic effect

When conservative weight loss methods do not bring the desired result, centrally acting appetite suppressants (diet pills) are used to treat obesity and overweight.

Some of the most effective and popular are appetite suppressants with modified release of active ingredient that have a prolonged anorectic effect.

Advantages of diet pills with prolonged anorectic effect are as follows:

  • Rapid weight loss;
  • Better tolerability and ease of use;
  • Low risk of side effects;
  • Stable concentration of anorexigenic agents in the blood;
  • Effective appetite suppression throughout the day.

Due to sustained-release of anorectic agents and prolonged anorectic effect:

Duration of diet pills effect increases.

Long anorexigenic effect helps to cope with increased appetite throughout the day and successfully control the amount of food eaten.

Frequency of diet pills decreases to 1 time per day.

Decrease in frequency of anorectic intake helps to reduce severity of side effects and increase safety of obesity drug therapy.

Diet pills with modified release of active ingredient maintain a more stable concentration of anorexigenic agent in the blood. This prevents rapid increase and rapid decrease in intensity of anorexigenic effect.

As a result, the likelihood of gastrointestinal undesirable effects is significantly reduced, so effectiveness of treating obesity is increased.

Polls show that most obese people prefer appetite suppressants that exert prolonged anorectic effect. A convenient dosage regimen (once daily) helps not to skip anorectics’ intake and increases the likelihood of achieving excellent results.

However, along with advantages, use of diet pills having prolonged anorectic effect, has its own disadvantages.

The main disadvantages of anorectics are:

  • failure to divide diet pills into parts
  • risk of developing adverse events
  • probability of weight regain.

Diet pills with prolonged anorectic effect should not be split into parts. They should be swallowed whole, rather than crushed or chewed. Otherwise, release rate of active ingredient can be impaired that will lead to decrease in anorexigenic effect.

Patients, who suffer from swallowing disorders, can choose anorectics, which are available in immediate release form.

Like other anti-obesity drugs, use of appetite suppressants with prolonged anorectic effects may cause adverse events. A number of side effects develop as a result of improper use of chosen drug, others – because of individual characteristics of the body.

When using anorectics, side effects sometimes occurring include nervousness, insomnia, heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Compliance with dosing regimen and duration of using diet pills reduce risk of side effects and drug addiction.

Use of drugs having prolonged anorectic effect does not guarantee that the person will get used to eating less food. Therefore, often the person begins to gain the lost kg after completing a weight loss course.

To prevent weight regain, it is necessary to break bad habits, to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and begin to move more.

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