Pill Identifier

To avoid confusion and dosing errors during weight loss management, keep all medications in their original packs along with the leaflet. Never use unknown medicines and those with expired shelf life.

If there is confusion, you can always identify unknown anti-obesity drugs based on images and physical characteristics. The only thing you need to do is match the shape, color and imprint code, and get a detailed drug description.

Brand Name: Adipex
Dosage: 37.5mg
Imprint Code: ADIPEX-P; 9; 9
Color: White, blue (speckled)
Shape: Elliptical/oval tablet
Scoring: Single

Brand Name: Alli
Dosage: 60mg
Imprint Code: Orlistat; 60
Color: Turquoise (dark blue centre band)
Shape: Capsule-shape
Scoring: None

Brand Name: Duromine
Dosage: 15mg, 30mg, 40mg
Imprint Code: DUROMINE; 15; 30; 40
Color: Grey & green, grey & reddish brown, grey & orange
Shape: Capsule-shape
Scoring: None

Brand Name: Qsymia
Dosage: 3.75/23mg, 7.5/46mg, 11.25/69mg, 15/92mg
Imprint Code: VIVUS; 375/23; 7.5/46; 11.25/69; 15/92
Color: purple, purple & yellow, yellow & white, yellow

Brand Name: Mysimba
Dosage: 8/90mg
Imprint Code: NB-890
Color: Blue
Shape: Biconvex, round tablets
Scoring: None

Brand Name: Ionamin
Dosage: 15mg, 30mg
Imprint Code: Ionamin; 15; 30
Color: Yellow, grey & yellow
Shape: Capsule-shape
Scoring: None

Brand Name: Slimex
Dosage: 15mg
Imprint Code: None
Color: Yellow
Shape: Capsule-shape
Scoring: None

Brand Name: Lomaira
Dosage: 8mg
Imprint Code: K; 1
Color: White, blue (speckles)
Shape: Freeform (butterfly shape)
Scoring: Single

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