Pierre Dukan Diet

Learn more about the features of Pierre Dukan diet, which is a secret of slenderness of Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz and Kate Middleton in our review on this popular weight loss diet.

French nutritionist Pierre Dukan is the author of one of the most world popular protein diets for weight loss. It is aimed at a rapid weight loss and allows consuming any quantity of food at any time.

This weight loss diet menu comprises 100 products that you can combine to your taste.

The list of celebrities that have already tried this successful weight loss diet includes such names, as Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Middleton and many others.

  1. The first stage, “Attack”, lasts 2 to 7 days and is aimed at a rapid weight loss.At this stage, you can consume 72 products from the list of products allowed, including fish, poultry, milk and eggs.
  1. The second stage involves the alternation of days, when you eat pure protein and protein-vegetable products.On this stage, you may add 28 vegetables to 72 products that were allowed for the first stage.
  1. The third phase, “Consolidation”, is aimed at the development of a nutrition regime and a smooth transition from the diet to daily nutrition.
  1. And the last stage, “Stabilization”, allows consuming all food without restrictions in compliance with the following rules:

1 day a week you eat only protein foods,
20 minutes a day you dedicate to walking,
3 tablespoons of oat bran, consumed every day.

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