Why Patients Decide to Take Phentrol

  • In some information resources, Phentrol is indicated as a brand for Phentermine.
  • Reliable information about the manufacturer and dosage strength is unavailable.

Interested in finding an effective and safe appetite suppressant? Then you should find out more about Phentrol, a medication that belongs to phenethylamines and amphetamines. It’s approved to help overweight people lose fat, but you can take it only for a short period of time.

Besides, this drug should be combined with certain behavioral changes, regular exercises and diet plans. Doctors often prescribe it to the patients who have specific health risks because of their weight.

Don’t forget that it’s a controlled substance in some countries because of the risk of developing an addiction.

Basic Information about its Pharmacological Action

Keep in mind that Phentrol acts on your brain transmitters, and it’s a central stimulant. That’s because its intake stimulates neurons to release dopamine and some other neurotransmitters.

This means that its incredible appetite suppression results are caused by its action on people’s central nervous system. Basically, released neurotransmitters signal the alert response that stops hunger.

Reasons to Prescribe Phentrol

If you have certain health risks, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and others caused by excess weight, your doctor may prescribe you to take this medication for a few weeks to manage your weight.

You will start feeling less hungry, but make sure that your treatment includes exercises, behavioral modifications and calorie restrictions.

How to Use It and Choose the Right Dose

As you already know, Phentrol can be taken only for a short period of time (not longer than 12 weeks) and in the right combination with other weight loss strategies and tools.

Talk to your healthcare provider to define the most suitable dose based on your current health condition and other important factors.

Remember that you need to take this medication before breakfast to avoid the risk of having insomnia.

The good news is that Phentrol is well-tolerated by most patients, but its intake may still lead to certain adverse effects, just like other drugs.

The main reason is that it releases catecholamines, so if you experience hypertension, nervousness, insomnia and irritability, you should know that these unwanted symptoms are caused by this appetite suppressant.

Some of the less common side effects include clumsiness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, etc.

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