Phentermine vs. Phentramin-D

Probably, every obese person knows about Phentermine and Phentramin-D, their features and abilities. However, making a choice between these two potent medications is a really tedious task.

Phentramin-D is an anti-obesity agent with a broad safety spectrum. Phentramin-D producec effects that are similar to those of prescription anti-obesity drugs, yet without unfavorable reactions. It provides several therapeutic effects, including:

  • Suppresses appetite throughout the day.
  • Increases energy levels to the maximum level.
  • Accelerates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Phentramin-D offers innovative solutions in the management of weight loss.

  • Safely and effectively reduce weight in patients with overweight (BMI of 25 to 29.9) or obesity (BMI over 30).
  • Control or reduce body weight when BMI becomes less than 25 or 30.

  • Take one pill in the morning and at lunch.
  • Take Phentramin-D 20 minutes before meals.

Price for Phentramin-D tablets and capsules is identical. One bottle (60 pills) is sufficient for 30 days. If you order more packs of Phentramin-D online, the price of one bottle is lower.Being effective weight loss drugs, both of them are widely used and commonly prescribed for heavily overweight people, with related conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, high cholesterol, etc.

In general, Phentermine and Phentramin-D are literally identical, but taking a closer look at the components of the medications, their actions and side effects, one can see the real difference.Phentramin-D

Fighting Obesity – Choosing Medication

There is a great number of people who strive to lose excess weight, do everything possible for this and still fail to achieve the desirable result. Constant dieting and exercising does no good on their condition, except for better feelings and mood.

Thus, some people look for medical assistance in this case, that will help them turn these everyday measures into a beneficial thing. There are numerous weight loss pills popular for their abilities to suppress appetite, speed up the metabolism and increase energy levels.

Both Phentermine and Phentramin-D are powerful enough to produce such effects, though they are at diverse ends of the spectrum. Phentermine is a prescription medicine, while Phentramin-D is a legal over-the-counter supplement. And this is far not the whole difference.

General Information about Phentermine and Phentramin-D

Surely each medication has its pros and cons, but sometimes the drugs are too different to be compared. The main discrepancies between Phentermine and Phentramin-D are in the active ingredients and side effects.

The main action of the drugs is very similar, though. Both Phentermine and Phentramin-D are approved by FDA and are recommended for use, though Phentermine is available only as a prescribed medication, while Phentramin-D is an OTC supplement.

Both drugs affect multiple vital processes of the organism, like operating of the central nervous system, suppressing the appetite and increasing the amount of consumed energy.

Although Phentramin-D does not require doctor’s prescription, it is not less effective. Its production is regulated by FDA, and it resembles its counterpart greatly.

Similarities of Phentramin-D and Phentermine Action

Have you ever thought about the reason why people take weight loss pills? Surely, to treat obesity fast and for long.

  • Suppress the appetite;
  • Boost metabolism;
  • Slow down the lipid digestion;
  • Increase fat burning processes, etc.

Having a serious impact on the central nervous system, definite brain areas and gastrointestinal tract, both drugs preserve identical effects and produce similar results.

Main Differences between Phentermine and Phentramin-D

Despite having so much in common, these two revolutionary weight loss aids also differ greatly. The main discrepancy is in their formulas.

While Phentermine consists of Phentermine Hydrochloride as an active ingredient only, Phentramin-D includes the full mix of diverse pharmaceutical components, like trimethylxanthine, 2-Phenylethylamine, Synephrine, Hordenine and Yohimbine HCL.

Besides, having different components the side effects caused by these two medications are also various. Phentermine is a prescription medication due to a greater number of risks to the general health condition, caused by the drug misuse and overuse.

Being a safer and less dangerous alternative, Phentramin-D does not require doctor’s recommendations.

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