Phentermine 30 mg

The average maintenance dose of Phentermine makes 30 mg.

If low doses of this anorectic do not help the patient lose weight, Phentermine 30 mg is prescribed.

  • The results of placebo-controlled clinical trials prove that Phentermine 30 mg has high efficiency when treating exogenous obesity.
  • Use of Phentermine 30 mg for three months helps to get rid of about 5% of excess weight.

The daily dose of Phentermine 30 mg is not recommended in case of obvious undesirable reactions, including in kidney failure, moderate or severe hypertension.

To reduce the likelihood of such adverse reactions as dizziness, constipation, dry mouth or headaches, take no more than one tablet of Phentermine 30 mg per day.

Titration of a daily dose of insulin can be required for obese patients with diabetes who use Phentermine 30 mg for obesity treatment.

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