PhenObestin 37.5

Phenobestin 37.5 is a dietary supplement that is intended for weight loss in obese adults, aged 18 years and older. The diet supplement was developed by the US company Mit Nutritions and is supplied to the market of dietary supplements in the form of white oblong tablets with blue inclusions.

Phenobestin 37.5 are pills with enhanced potency, which contain a large number of active components that enhance each other’s effect. Each diet pill  contains 245 mg of proprietary blend, which is an innovative development of Mit Nutra and consists of:

  • Beta Phenylethylamine HCL250 mg
  • Theobromine Anhydrous56 mg
  • Yohimbe extract (bark)100mg
  • Synephrine HCL5 mg
  • Phenylethylamine HCL1 mg *

* Daily value is not establishedAnother important component of Phenobestin 37.5 is anhydrous caffeine, which energizes and enhances physical endurance. Each tablet contains 100 mg of caffeine.

In addition to this, Phenobestin 37.5 tablets contain: Dextrose, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Magnesium, silica, and stearic acid.Phenobestin 37.5

  • diminishingof increased appetite and hunger;
  • rapidsaturation with small food portions;
  • acceleration of metabolic processesin the body;
  • gradual and healthy weight loss.

Phenobestin 37.5 pills are packed in bottles, 60 pieces each. The diet supplement is available for sale on the Internet. Price for one package depends on the number of packages purchased.

On eBay, you can buy one bottle of Phenobestin 37.5 pills for $ 37.40. On the official website of the manufacturer Mit Nutra, you will have to pay $ 99.95 per pack with 60 tablets.

If you want to save money and buy three bottles of Phenobestin 37.5 at once, each package will cost you $ 79.95, which is $ 60 cheaper than it would be, if you ordered each package individually.Even the purest and 100% natural remedy can potentially cause adverse reactions. That is why there are some precautions to observe before you decide on taking PhenObestin 37.5 capsules and when you are already taking them:

  • If you ever had any allergic reactionor know for sure that any PhenObestin 37.5 ingredient can potentially cause such (even the slightest), the suppl ement is not recommended to you.
  • If you have a history of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure problems, are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor about the he safety of losing weight with PhenObestin 37.5.
  • The dose recommended suggests 1-2 capsules before breakfast and one capsule before lunch. For safety reasons, however, this should beindividualized, based on your well-being, and never increased.

Potential side effects may include anxiety, sleep problems, headache, dizziness, nausea, constipation, increased pulse and blood pressure. Should any of these bother, consult your doctor immediately to avoid more serious problems.

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