Basic Questions about Panbesy Answered

When it comes to appetite suppressants, there are many of them available in the market. Find out more about Panbesy if you need something effective for your fat loss program. Basically, it’s a brand name adopted by Singapore (Eurodrug) for a popular medication Phentermine, and it belongs to amphetamines and phenethylamines.

This medication is approved to help patients lose weight, but it’s allowed to take it only on a short-term basis. Besides, its intake should be combined with certain lifestyle changes, including healthy nutrition, regular exercises, etc. The active ingredient of Panbesy is phentermine, and don’t forget that it’s a controlled substance because its use can be addictive.

What Is Its Pharmacological Process?

Basically, this medication works on brain neurotransmitters, so it’s a central stimulant that facilitates the release of catecholamines. These hormones help you suppress appetite because they influence your central nervous system, and this action is quite similar to many other fat burners.

Why Is It Prescribed?

Panbesy is often prescribed and taken to burn fat when it comes to obese and overweight patients with certain health risks, including diabetes and hypertension. Your doctor may prescribe it as a part of your weight loss plan in addition to behavioral changes and exercises. It acts by affecting the brain parts responsible for controlling your appetite, thus, making you feel full.

How to Take It?

Keep in mind that you can take Panbesy only for a short period of time (around 12 weeks) and in the right combination with other effective fat loss strategies and methods, including diet plan and workouts. Remember about the risk of experiencing insomnia when taking this medication, and that’s why it should be used before your breakfast time.

What Are Possible Adverse Effects?

The good news is that Panbesy is well-tolerated, so its intake is not associated with frequent and serious side effects.

However, some patients may still experience mild symptoms, such as unusual nervousness, irritability, increased blood pressure and others.

Don’t take it for a long period of time because you may end up with addiction. Finally, you should avoid taking Panbesy if you have any allergic reaction to its components, you need to take MAO inhibitors or have hyperthyroidism and some other medical conditions, including heart problems and glaucoma.

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