Non pharmacological obesity treatment

To date, diet therapy, increase in physical activity, surgical procedures and / or psychological counseling are prescribed as non-drug treatment of obesity.

To get rid of excess weight quickly, it is recommended to adhere to complex non-drug obesity therapy, which includes diet therapy, moderate exercise and behavioral adjustment.

Each of these non-drug strategies of weight management is prescribed to achieve certain goals:

  • Non-pharmacological obesity treatmentdiet therapy helps to reduce the number of calories that come from food
  • increased physical activity promotes rapid burning of excess fat and restoration of energy balance in the body
  • psychotherapy helps to increase motivation and adherence to other weight loss strategies.

These non-pharmacological weight loss methods in the complex contribute to formation of healthy eating and behavioral habits in the patient. This helps not only quickly get rid of excess weight, but also keep the slim body after completing a course of non-drug treatment of obesity.

Bariatrics has higher risk comparing to other non-pharmacological methods of obesity treatment. Therefore, surgical procedures are prescribed only if other weight loss methods are ineffective.

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