How do you join BMI?

How much does it cost to join BMI?

What is the fee to join as a songwriter? Unlike some performing right organizations, joining BMI as a songwriter is free. There are no fees or annual dues of any kind for songwriters and composers.

How long does it take to join BMI?

The majority of songs registered online show up in the Repertoire and Online Services Catalog application the next day. Titles that do not auto-register require additional processing and may take between 1 – 7 business days to become available.

Is BMI registration free?

Registering your songs with BMI is absolutely free. Early registration of works is important — if you don’t register your works you won’t get paid when they’re played. For detailed information on our payment methodology, visit our Royalty Information section.

Who pays more Ascap or BMI?

BMI is the largest PRO in the US, with free registration but fewer benefits than the others. It pays out slightly quicker than ASCAP at 5,5 months after the end of each quarter.

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How does BMI get paid?

BMI royalties are performing right royalties, which are earned when a musical work is performed publicly. … Mechanical royalties and synchronization fees are paid by record companies and film and TV producers directly to the copyright owner, usually the publisher, or his or her representative.

Do I need a BMI and Ascap license?

Yes. If you’re using a background music provider that includes licensing for the music, you still need to pay BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC for live performances, unless your background music provider can also provide licensing for this.

Does BMI own your music?

Does BMI need a copy of my song? No. BMI relies on the information you provide when you register your work and does not need an actual copy of your song. Song registration is simple and can be done online with our online song registration program.

Your composition is copyrighted automatically when the work is “created,” which the law defines as being “fixed” in a copy or a recording for the first time. … BMI does not copyright works for you. If you wish to copyright your works, which we recommend, visit

How does BMI know when your song is played?

BMI uses a mix of station reporting and digital monitoring. They require every station to whom they issue a license to keep a log of the songs they play for a set period each year. … BMI combines that data with digital monitoring of radio plays to come up with an idea of whose songs are in heavy rotation.

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Do I need BMI if I have Distrokid?

Distrokid is what you use to send your music to Stores and streaming platforms. BMI is what you use to collect royalties. So you should only need BMI, but you may need to register the use case at BMI in order to let them know it’s being used (I presume with permission).

What is BMI Music License?

Q: What is a BMI music performance license? A BMI music performance license grants businesses the right to publicly perform BMI affiliated music. With one agreement, BMI provides unlimited access to over 17 million musical works by more than 1.1 million BMI-affiliated songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

How can I publish my own music?

4 tips when publishing your own music

  1. Compare PROs. Registering as a publisher with a PRO is one of the first steps you’ll need to complete, but don’t just go with the first PRO that sends you an email. …
  2. Investigate becoming a publisher. …
  3. Know when (and when not) to self-publish. …
  4. Keep track of your music’s use.


Who owns BMI?

BMI’s repertoire includes over 1.1 million songwriters and 17 million compositions.

Broadcast Music, Inc.

Trade name BMI (1939-present)
Key people Michael O’Neill (President & CEO)
Products Music Sales
Services Sales

Does BMI ask for your social security number?

Information that Affiliates may need to provide as part of the process of affiliating with BMI, such as legal name, date of birth and social security number, tax identification, or other unique identifiers; … Any other information you choose to provide to us.

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