Lose weight online

Lose weight online

The Internet is our everything today, and several systems are floating around it, thanks to which the users are promised to achieve a weight loss.

People should register on the website, pay money, and then every day they are told what exercises to do and how to eat. The main rule is to report, providing video and photos, that all instructions are being executed.

Sometimes, such a fitness marathon is held in the form of a game. A participant pays a small amount of money and must perform all tasks to reach the final, in which the prize is up for grabs, like:

  • a tidy sum of money,
  • a car,
  • an apartment.

The complex of trainings and the eating schedule are developed for the person by a dietician. While exercise is the main thing in the first option, in the second option it is the food.In the first option, there is no individual approach. The program of exercises is the same for all people, both for women after 50 years of age and for guys aged 20. Such loads can be harmful to people older than 40 years, who have hidden cardiovascular or joints pathologies.

Many marathons are organized by self-taught people, who simply lost weight and decided to share their experience with others for money.

In the second option, there is also no guarantee that those wishing to lose weight are given advice by a qualified specialist. On the Internet, everyone can call himself a nutritionist, if he wants to. A “nutritionist” is a connoisseur of science about food. To become one, it is enough to listen to one- or two-month courses.

While the concept of the “dietician” implies a doctor with a higher medical education. On the Internet, however, nutritionists often call themselves dietician and write: nutritionist (dietician). And these are two huge different concepts.When taking part in online marathons, people get:

  • a strong motivation,
  • a sense of team spirit,

These are especially important for those who live in small towns without fitness clubs.

Before you pay the money, you should find out whether you can personally consult with your on-line instructors and nutritionists. The project should be baked by a real person or a team that bears the responsibility.

If you are offered to lose weight in 2-3 weeks or a month, better close this page. The ideal period for weight loss is 2-3 months.

If you do not chase the prizes and relate the tasks with your abilities and health, you can really lose weight and achieve a beautiful figure.It states that if a person abuses products that acidify the body, the acid-base balance shifts, which leads not only to weight gain, but also to rashes on the face, joint pains.

  • meat
  • flour
  • milk
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • alcohol

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • greens
  • raw nuts
  • seeds

The truth and fiction:

Acid-alkaline balance largely depends on the state of human health and especially the function of his digestive organs. The balance is fine if the digestion of acid products does not create any issues for such organs, like:

  • stomach,
  • intestines,

  • liver,
  • kidneys.

Quitting acid foods completely does not make sense, but overloading the body can lead to problems. To avoid this, you must follow several rules.

The ideal ratio of products is 3 to 1, that is, a portion of acidic products, for example meat, should be compensated with 3 portions of alkaline products, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Greens, garlic and mineral water posses a unique ability to neutralize the acidity of products. By the way, scientists from Pennsylvania proved that a woman can decreases the amount of calories consumed daily by 10%, if she eats a plate of green salad 20 minute before the main dish!The British woman, Louise Atkinson, came up with an unusual way to lose weight. She worked, ate, watched TV, spent time with her family and friends only in standing position for 30 days and as a result lost 8 kilograms.

Verification and conclusions:

We repeated the experience of the British woman and did everything standing during three days. And we didn’t lose at least a single gram. Of course, when a person is standing, the metabolic processes are improving, but quite a bit.Louise AtkinsonBesides, constant vertical position only harms health, especially the spine, and can lead to intervertebral hernias. Yet this does not mean that you can lie on the couch and watch TV. In 50% of cases, extra pounds appear due to a sedentary lifestyle.

However, physical exertion must be reasonable. Lose weight without fanaticism!

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