New Diet Pill: Lorcaserin – BELVIQ Review

Yes, you can lose weight faster with Lorcaserin weight loss pills.

It’s true!

But since it’s a serious drug, knowing it better is essential before you take the first Belviq (Lorcaserin) tablet.

Is Lorcaserin approved by the FDA?

Checking first thing whether a drug is approved by the FDA is very important.


Because they have very high standards for anti-obesity drugs.

Thus, they ensure that the risks of negative health effects are minimal.

Great news!

Diet pills Lorcaserin have been approved by the FDA.

This means that the drug is useful in its intended purpose.

How did they decide that it’s useful and safe enough? Well, the FDA advisors studied the results of Lorcaserin clinical trials and voted for the approval of this drug.

The voting took place several times and was not unanimous.

It means that getting an approval for these weight loss pills was not an easy task.

The first review on diet pills Lorcaserin, posted on the FDA website, raised various questions about the drug risks, in particular:

  • possible problems with thinking,
  • worsening of the heart function,
  • intestinal disorders.

At that, the tone of this review seemed to be rather mild, which immediately raised interest in specialists from large weight loss centers.

And the market met the new slimming pills Lorcaserin under the brand name Belviq (Belviq XR)!

How do you lose weight with Lorcaserin?

Proper administration and compliance with the recommended dosing schedule for Lorcaserin will help you curb your appetite and fight obesity without negative health risks.


If Lorcaserin did not help you to reduce 5 percent of body weight within 12 weeks


if this drug caused side effects, your obesity treatment course can be adjusted.

Treating obesity can also be a good way to deal with other health problems, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension.

It has been proven that loss of excess fat with Lorcaserin decreases the level of harmful cholesterol and stabilizes blood pressure.

To quickly and effectively get rid of the unwanted fat, you must follow the recommended dosing regimen.

To control your appetite throughout the day, take one Lorcaserin 10mg diet pill twice a day.

In addition, you will have to change your eating habits.

That is…

Besides switching to smaller portions, you will need to change the products that you consume to healthier ones.

Besides, you should become more active on a daily basis.

If your weight makes it difficult or embarrassing to engage into group trainings or visiting a gym, where all you can see are ripped bodies, you can start with:

  • Walking more
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Buying a dog and taking it out for long active walks several hours daily
  • Find a small swimming pool, which doesn’t have a lot of visitors in certain hours and visit it namely during these hours and feel free to simply swim or make pool exercises.

As you grow stronger, fitter, and your energy level rises, add strength exercises.

These will boost your metabolism even more, and the weight loss will continue without switching to stagnation.

So, this is how you can lose weight with Lorcaserin – by working hard.


With Lorcaserin, you will lose more weight than you would by following the same eating and exercising routine.

Do we like to lose weight faster?

Yes, we do!

Great news were brought to every slimmer in this world through the results of a study on the safety of Lorcaserin.

It involved a whopping 12 thousand people and lasting an incredible period of 40 months.

What the researchers found out is the fact that the worrisome side effect, which made many people abstain from using this weight loss drug, WAS NOT DETECTED during the study.Well, in fact, they did not find any significant difference in heart valve incidence when comparing patients on Lorcaserin and those on placebo. So… the researches came to the conclusion that Lorcaserin is probably the only anorectic, which can be used in obese and overweight people with minor cardiac issues.

Isn’t it great!?


Before you buy Lorcaserin online or at a local pharmacy, do a thorough health check to make sure that you don’t have any health issues, which may aggravate with the use of this drug. Significant time, scientific, monetary and production resources are expended on development of new anorexigenic drugs, so price on Lorcaserin 10mg diet pills remains quite high at this time.

People’s interest in appetite suppressants is constantly increasing, so a subsequent increase of sales should reduce the price of weight loss pills Lorcaserin.

Lorcaserin is known under the brand name Belviq in the United States.

The manufacturer of Belviq is Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical company Eisai is the only supplier of diet pills Belviq (Lorcaserin) in the USA.

The branded package protects the drug from negative impact of external factors.

One package contains 60 Lorcaserin pills that are sufficient for a month of obesity treatment.

By the way, it will cost you up to 300 US dollars, so get ready to spend some money and work well – to make sure that the money is not wasted.

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