Ionamin as an Incredible Example of Weight Loss Medication

Ionamin is a trademark first registered over 60 years ago. In 1958, Ionamin brand was registered in UK, in 1959 – in the USA, in 1960 – in Canada. It should be noted that Ionamin brand was registered in different countries by different companies.

Between 1958 and 1990, Ionamin brand was registered in more than 10 countries, including Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, the Philippines, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg.

In all these countries, Ionamin was registered as a brand for Phentermine-containing capsules, used to fight against overweight and obesity.

Phentermine is an anorectic agent from the group of sympathomimetic amines, which:

  • is characterized by appetite suppressant properties
  • may have a thermogenic /metabolic effects.

Each Ionamin capsule contains 15mg or 30mg of anorectic agent Phentermine. Ionamin capsules containing different doses of Phentermine are different in color and markings.

  • Yellow-gray slimming capsules are marked with “Ionamin 15”
  • Yellow slimming capsules are marked with “Ionamin 30”

Ionamin 15mg and 30mg capsules have been sold in North America and Europe for several decades, but later have been withdrawn from the market in most countries.

Ionamin was withdrawn from the European market because of repeated reports that this drug may cause drug addiction and potentially dangerous cardiovascular effects.

With Ionamin, all other Phentermine-containing drugs, including Mirapront and Panbesy, have been withdrawn from the European market. The reasons of Ionamin withdrawal from the US market are not reported. One possible reason for Ionamin withdrawal from the US market may be poor sales due to high competition.

In 2016, more than 20 suppliers of Phentermine-containing medications were registered in the USA. Therefore Phentermine is sold in the USA under tough competition conditions, and price for this drug is one of the lowest in the world. The United Kingdom is one of the few countries where Ionamin capsules are available in 2016. Despite that the UK Department of Health does not recommend Phentermine-containing drugs for weight loss, obese people may find Ionamin pills at clinics specializing in obesity treatment.

To obtain Ionamin pills at British hospital, a patient should meet several criteria for diagnosis.

  • First – to be over 12 years old
  • Second – to have a BMI above 30
  • Third – no contraindications to Ionamin

Another important condition for using Ionamin – ineffectiveness of non-drug methods of weight loss.

If all efforts to get rid of stubborn fat with diet and physical exercise fail, then the non-pharmacological weight loss program can be supplemented with Ionamin capsules.

Ionamin capsules provide a prolonged anorectic effect and are intended for once-daily dosing. In order to control the appetite throughout the day, just one dose of Ionamin is sufficient to be taken in the morning, during breakfast.

  • The minimum daily Ionamin dose is 15mg.
  • The maximum daily Ionamin dose is 30mg.

The dose size depends on an individual reaction to Ionamin effects. If a single dose of 15mg Ionamin is not enough to control appetite from morning to night, a single morning dose can be increased to 30mg.

Regardless of Ionamin doses used for appetite suppression, the duration of continuous drug application should not exceed three months.

If Ionamin is used for more than three months:

  • Treatment effectiveness – decreases
  • Risk of drug addiction – increases

These two factors make over-three-month application of Ionamin inappropriate. Therefore, three-month anorectic therapy should be stopped even in failure to achieve the desired weight loss goals during this period.Ionamin can be used for repeated courses of treatment obesity only in several weeks to months after the last treatment. The duration of this interval should be determined by the attending physician.

Ionamin has been used for weight loss for over half a century, and many obese people may tell their successful stories of weight loss due to Ionamin brand. Even in those countries where Ionamin is not available anymore, people suffering from overweight keep looking for this drug at pharmacies.It should be noted that the brand owner of Ionamin was changed in the USA in 2015. The new rightholder of Ionamin brand became president of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Jared Robert Wheat.

The new rightholder registered Ionamin name as a trademark for Dietary and Nutritional supplement. In a year after the re-branding, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has announced the launch of sales of new diet pills Ionamin, available without a prescription in the USA.

New OTC diet pills Ionamin do not contain Phentermine, so they have nothing common with Ionamin (Phentermine) pills, sold in the USA for several decades.
The name of the new owner of Ionamin brand as well as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are associated with many scandals that cast doubt on safety of new Ionamin pills.The first scandal is related to conviction of Jared R. Wheat in the USA in 2009 for organization of illegal importation of controlled drugs into the USA, as well as for the illegal manufacture of pharmaceutical products without FDA approval or licensing from the rightful patent holder.

The second scandal is related to revealed in 2013 banned active ingredient Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) in non-prescription dietary supplements manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

DMAA ingredient is a potentially dangerous substance, causing serious risks for the cardiovascular system and mental health. Therefore, sale of any dietary supplements containing DMAA is prohibited in the USA.

Dangerous active ingredient DMAA was found in 11 products of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, including over the counter diet pills Fastin, and Fastin-XR.

All products containing DMAA were withdrawn from the US market, and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was warned by the FDA against using of DMAA in dietary supplements, sold without a prescription.

Considering the negative reputation of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and its owners, safety of new diet pills Ionamin is reasonably doubtful. Therefore, those who trust only reliable manufacturers and suppliers of RX or OTC diet pills are better to abstain from purchase of Ionamin manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Ionamin, also known by the generic name Phentermine, serves as a reliable appetite suppressant and stimulant, similar to amphetamine.

The medication influences the central nervous system, decreasing the desire to consume food. Ionamin is prescribed in the majority of cases, when a patient suffering from obesity belongs to a risk group, having serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others that, actually, caused excess weight.

Besides, the treatment is frequently used in instances not mentioned in the information leaflet.Even producing a drastic effect, Ionamin is not potent enough when taken alone. The treatment course requires a complex approach that includes physical exercises, low-calorie diet and pharmaceutical aid. Concerning the powerful effect produced on the body and general health, it is inevitable to consult a doctor or healthcare provider primarily to the treatment course.

Recomendations for use

Ionamin should not be taken by people under 16. It is important to read the information leaflet before taking the treatment and follow the doctor’s instructions during the course.

Do not change the prescribed dosage on your own, as Ionamin misuse or overuse can lead to severe complications. The medication should be taken on an empty stomach, usually before breakfast or two hours after it.

Ionamin misuse or overuse can provoke dangerous side effects, including allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, seizures, sudden mood changes, chest pain, etc.

Ionamin, also known by the generic name Phentermine, serves as a reliable appetite suppressant and stimulant, similar to amphetamine. The medication influences the central nervous system, decreasing the desire to consume food.

Ionamin is prescribed in the majority of cases, when a patient suffering from obesity belongs to a risk group, having serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others that, actually, caused excess weight.

Besides, the treatment is frequently used in instances not mentioned in the information leaflet.

Contraindications to use

Ionamin is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as the components of the medication can harm the unborn or nursing child. Besides, one should omit Ionamin treatment if he/she has had a history of heart problems (such as heart rhythm issues, stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, etc.), uncontrollable high blood pressure, glaucoma, thyroid, hypertension, alcohol abuse and others. Pay special attention to these conditions and also mention the medications you are currently taking. Do not take Ionamin if you have been treated with MAO inhibitors for the last 14 days. Inform your pharmacist about:

  • Diabetes;
  • Thyroid disorder;
  • Kidney or liver disease;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Allergic reactions to the ingredients.

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Always had a good shape. Until I gave birth to my twins. I gained 15 kilos during pregnancy and while everyone was saying I will lose them after I give birth due to all the “work” I will have with the babies, I started gaining even more weight. I think, the reason was a very irregular eating schedule. I could find some time to eat closer by night. Of course, when you breastfeed, you get hungry. Not eating all day long and breastfeeding resulted into overeating in the evening. This life schedule brought another 15 kilos on me. Tried losing… Read more »

Lisa Blake

Hello Jane! What a breathtaking story! Congratulations with your lovely twins and, of course, congrats on that weight loss! Happy to know Ionamin helped you become a new younger and slimmer woman! Be well!


Have been using Ionamin for half a year 3 years ago. Didn’t start working in the very first day. I though about stopping it. Doctor said I should try to use for a couple of days more, and I did. 5th day was the day when I literally forgot to eat anything. The drug turned into a miracle for me. I managed to lose 20 kilos back then and started feeling like 10 years younger. I did have a single side effect – insomnia. Had to take some sleeping pills. Yet, it didn’t really matter for me, because I was… Read more »

Lisa Blake

Congratulations on your weight loss, as well as your great decisiveness! Hope everything goes great for you from now on!


Been using Ionamin from time to time several times. The results are always good. Doctor prescribes it to me every time I need it, cause I have no side effects and tests keep showing I’m fine. Besides, it always helps me lose quite a good amount of weight. However, everyone has to understand that this drug is something that will help you fight your cravings for sweets and junk food, and will become the punch you need. Still, you will have to exercise well and eat properly, either you count calories, or keep to any certain weight loss diet. If… Read more »

Lisa Blake

Rod, thank you so much for your ideas and for sharing your Ionamin success story with everyone. Hope, you will manage to keep those kilos off!!!

Ross Park
Ross Park

I few years ago I used to take the yellow 30mg ionamin capsules and worked so well.
Now I can’t seem to find them anywhere, only copies or different brands and I want to make sure I get the same ones.
Anyone any idea how I can get them?