Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Phentermine Online (UPDATE: 2019)

Getting a script for Phentermine prescribed by doctors or weight loss clinics

Remember? Adding Phentermine to your slimming program requires visiting a doctor, who prescribes Phentermine.

Alas, many doctors avoid issuing prescriptions for Phentermine, even if the patient’s weight puts his health under serious risks.

Still, you might find a doctor, who accepts your point of view that you do need Phentermine to lose weight, thus improving your health status.

In case your discussion with the doctor does not end up in an issued prescription, you can try addressing to weight loss clinics. Phentermine prescription, though, along with the cost of such consultation, will increase the total cost of your obesity therapy.

To lower the costs of treatment, many people search for online sources of Phentermine. And, naturally, many questions appear during such search. Let’s cover them right now.

How to buy Phentermine online safely

Whenever you buy weight loss pills online, keep in mind that it is safer to pay with your credit card. This payment method allows you to dispute the charge with your card company in case your package does not arrive, or the pills do not provide the promised effects.

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Proven sources of Phentermine for sale

It is clear that finding a proven source of Phentermine for sale in US is quite complicated. Though, you can use the following tips to secure yourself against the danger of losing your money without receiving your Phentermine diet pills:

  • Find a US-based Phentermine seller. Thus, your package will not have to go through any checking processes, since it will be travelling within the country.
  • Find a private US-based Phentermine seller. People, who have an allergy or intolerance to Phentermine become aware of it only after trying the pills. Since they need them no more, they sell them. You can either opt for a pick-up or choose other convenient options. Note: as a rule, you get an opened pack of Phentermine.

Luckily, we do know a proven online source of Phentermine-based medications. Presenting the Online Weight Loss Pills Store, YourBody.Expert, where you can buy the following weight loss medications, among other high-quality products:

Phentermine 37.5 mg – from 172,5 USD

Brand Adipex 75 – from 187,5 USD

Generic Phentermine online without a prescription

While buying brand Phentermine diet pills online without a prescription is 99% impossible, you can opt for generic Phentermine pills, available online without a prescription.

However, you should be aware of possible issues that you might be facing, when choosing this option:

  • Extended delivery time. It may take up to 1-1,5 months to see your Phentermine generic. Besides, the standard mail service that is used for Phentermine diet pills does not allow tracking your package. Once you place the order on the site, you will be contacted by customer support service for further details.
  • The chance of having your package seized is 15%, which means that 85% of packages arrive safe and sound.
  • Should you have any questions after the order is processed, it might take long until you get a reply from the customer support service to your mail.
  • Phentermine generics that you buy online in the US, usually come from Mexico, Singapore and India.

If you are ready to wait this long for the pills to arrive, it is important to still keep in mind that it is illegal to buy Phentermine diet pills without a prescription, and you are the one to bear the responsibility and risks, associated with your decision to buy them.

Original Phentermine online with a prescription

You can buy original Phentermine pills online with a prescription under such brand names, as Adipex, Adipex-P, Phentermine, Phentermine 37.5mg, etc. on the following online pharmacies:

  1. Walgreens.comPhentermine 37.5 mg – price depends on your insurance plan
  2. Walgreens.comAdipex-P 37.5mg – price depends on your insurance plan.

Can you buy Phentermine online legally?

Are Phentermine pills illegal? They are not illegal, unless you are trying to buy Phentermine online without a prescription, because the purchase of any Rx medication, even online, requires a prescription, issued by a practicing physician. This rule works for the UK, US, and other countries worldwide.

Some online Phentermine sources claim that they are capable of delivering this appetite suppressant to you, even if you cannot provide a legit prescription.

If you decide to deal with any of these and buy Phentermine online over the counter, get ready for troubles with Police, Border Protection or other law enforcement agencies.

At best, you will be sent a notice about the fact that they found your Phentermine and destroyed it. At worst, you will have to pay a fine or have the first entry in your criminal record.

Legal Phentermine alternatives that you can buy online without a prescription are here.

Buying these will not create any problems with the law enforcement officials, nor will it require you visiting a doctor to get a prescription. Believing that these Phentermine alternatives are the same thing as Phentermine is indeed foolish.

They are not the same thing, yet they do work and provide effects, which help people lose weight. True, it will take you a little longer to lose weight with these legal Phentermine alternatives, compared to the original Phentermine.

Though, people should never forget that weight loss is a long lasting process, which implies proper nutrition and level of physical activity. Without exercising and dieting, Phentermine, PhenQ and Phen375 will not be able to provide a fast and consistent weight loss.

No matter which of the three you choose for your slimming treatment, always couple them with a comprehensive weight loss program, and you will lose extra weight.

To learn more about these popular over the counter Phentermine alternatives, visit their official websites and

Phentermine scam sellers and websites

Unfortunately, the high demand for Phentermine these days gave way to the mushrooming of a huge amount of various so-called legit Phentermine sellers, both individual and website-based ones.

Therefore, you need to be especially attentive and do a thorough online research about the online Phentermine selling source that you choose.

Besides the scam Phentermine websites, you should always be cautious with the Instagram Phentermine sellers, which are scammers in 99.9% of cases. They might offer you to deliver Phentermine to the US from Mexico, Singapore or Canada, but the order never arrives.

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