How to get rid of fat hands

Loose sweaters will help you hide your hands now, yet in summer, you have to wear open clothes. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to prepare your hands for short sleeves. You will not need any special equipment.

Just 10 minutes a day is enough to bring your hands to shape over the winter. Stop looking for excuses. These exercises for strong and fit arms are very simple and interesting. They will not take a lot of time and will help other parts of your body, as well.Yoga is not just a fashion trend. It brings tangible benefits to your health, and some of the poses help keeping your body in great shape. Cobra is a simple position. You can perform it even in your workplace, if you have a mat with you. you have to lie down on your stomach,
place your palm in the area of your chest,
lift your upper body,
pull the blades back,
maintain this position as long you can.Monitor your breathing. If you combine Cobra with breathing techniques, it will help you relax and clear your mind.If your aim is to make your hands fit, slender, and with a good muscle buildup, you should include strength exercises that will keep your biceps toned. put your feet at the width of your shoulders,
take one 2 kg-dumbbell in each hand,
lift them up as high as your shoulder line, bending your elbows at the same time. Make 10-15 reps every day. It will be enough to achieve your weight loss goal and reduce hands fat.To be honest, it’s quite a difficult exercise. The reason is your weak hands. Strengthening your muscles will take a lot of efforts, yet plank will surely become your favorite exercise. In addition to the beneficial effects for reducing hands fat, plank also strengthens your entire body, wrists and forearms bones, and helps you effectively burn fat. take a position as if you are going to do some push-ups,
make sure that only your forearms and toes touch the floor surface,
keep this position for at least 20 seconds, increasing the time up to one minute.If you spend much time in your office and are simply exhausted to make some exercises when you get home, use your office chair for the benefit of hands.

You can perform these squats during lunch or as a short break from work. You will not only distract and relax, but will also work out your hands.Chairs are not designed just for sitting. Another exercise that you can perform in the office between work is push-ups with chair as support. You will find them easier to make than regular push-ups, and they are even more effective. strengthen your body,
remove fat from the arms,
build muscles.One simple exercise, and how much benefit it gives. Excellent!This is a great exercise for biceps and triceps Place your legs wide apart in a standing position.
Take a dumbbell and, keeping your hand a little bent at the elbow, bend forward,
start straightening it back.
do the same with your other hand.With proper and regular performance of this exercise will help you reduce hands fat in just one month.We know this exercise from childhood. If you have no dumbbells, you can do it even with books. While such hands lifts look too easy, they bring excellent results. You can make this exercise at home, in the office, or even while jogging in the park. All you need are dumbbells and good mood. bend your arms at the elbow by 90 degrees
raise your hands,
straighten your elbows and raise your hands over your head.
lower your arms and repeat all over again.

That’s all.

You can do push-ups with a gymnastic ball in a variety of ways. You can choose any – they all are effective for reducing hands fat. Daily performance of these exercises will help you bring your arms and shoulders in shape and strengthen your body and legs.

You should start from making the exercise at a slow pace to learn keeping the balance. If the task seems beyond your taste, first strengthen your weak muscles with other exercises.

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