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Is it possible to understand looking at the children whether they will have excess weight problems or not?

Excess weight is often due to food habits of the family. If a child consumes high-calorie food from childhood (porridge with milk, pancakes, chips, bars, sweet soda) and sits at the computer all day instead of walk in the fresh air, excess weight will appear sooner or later.

What age is the most dangerous for weight gain?

Overweight problems usually arise when hormonal changes occur in the body.

  • teenage age (gain of excess weight is possible both in boys and in girls);
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding in women (gain of extra pounds is often promoted by belief that a pregnant woman should eat much);
  • perimenopause period (45-53 years ) when hormones responsible for slimness are reduced in the female body.

There is an age-related decrease in hormones in men as well, and danger of being overweight increases when leading a sedentary lifestyle after 40-45 years old.

Are there people who cannot lose weight?

People with serious endocrine and multiple genetic disorders find it difficult to get rid of excess weight. However, this combination is extremely rare. Nutritionists claim that people with such problems can also lose weight, but they need specialists’ monitoring.

Maintain the result

Doctors have a universal weight loss formula: “Eat less and move more …”

This advice does not always help. Dieticians confirm that only 30% of people can lose weight by means of food restriction and intensive physical loads. The remaining 70% do not lose weight, but even more increase in body volume in intensive physical exertions.

How do dieticians treat blood type diet and mono-diet?

Any diet helps to get rid of excess weight due to the fact that the person begins to watch what, how much and when he eats. However, no one diet cannot be followed all life. Moreover, according to the WHO, overweight returns after completion of the diet in 95% of people.

Only a new philosophy of nutrition helps to keep the result, which is individual for each person. The task of a specialist is to give the person an opportunity to understand what he really needs.


Do no harm!

Why are psychotherapists engaged in overweight problems?

Protective mechanisms of the psyche are triggered in obesity, and the person finds many arguments why he cannot lose weight. Often, a person hides from the need to create a family, or to go to work after childbirth by means of “food alcoholism”. When he manage to deal with the problem – excess weight quickly goes away. This is the psychotherapist’s merit.

Some patients lose 30 kg, 40 kg, or 50 kg in a short time. The most impressive result after the diet makes 90 kg per year. Is it dangerous to lose weight so sharply?

Commonly, patients with initially large body weight (150kg-170 kg) lose weight abruptly (15 kg -18 kg per month). If the body weight is not so critical, men lose 5-9 kg of body weight in the first month, while women – 4-7 kg.

It is dangerous when the person sharply and quickly loses weight by himself. After all, weight loss is comparable to a surgical operation, in which all organs at once are exposed to medical intervention. The body is changing dramatically. Doctors should monitor possible adverse reactions in this situation.

Dieticians’ advice for those wishing to become slim

To reduce weight, you need to:

limit the daily calorie intake, create a deficit of energy coming from food (for this you need to know energy value of each product);

eat fractionally, at least 4 times a day, and in some diseases – 5-6 times;

avoid starvation (it slows down metabolic processes and subsequently causes weight gain);

consume natural, high-quality food with high nutritional value, thus you will get the maximum benefit in a minimum quantity;

avoid prohibitions – otherwise you will face a neurotic need for “forbidden fruit”, your goal is to avoid a negative attitude to weight loss process. Therefore, sometimes pamper yourself (in the form of cakes and pastries);

drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water, move more (10,000 steps per day), sleep 7-8 hours;

use multivitamin drugs and omega 3 during weight loss;

have at least 7 effective goals related to normal weight.

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