Effects of Stopping Phentermine

Usage of any medications may cause drug or psychological dependence. The longer the patient takes Phentermine, the higher the likelihood he gets addicted from this medication. The FDA approved Phentermine for a short-term use and did not recommend taking these weight loss pills for more than 12 weeks.

Negative consequences from using Phentermine frequently occur, if patients takes too much of these weight loss pills. This may cause such side effects, as fatigue, lack of water in the body and loose stool.

So, in order to lessen the likelihood of Phentermine side effects, patient should respect all the recommendations on using this drug and never increase the dose on his own. In addition, patient must never take more than one Phentermine weight loss pill a day. Maximal daily dose of Phentermine must not exceed 37.5 mg.

People can buy Phentermine at pharmacies in majority of the countries. Please note that Phentermine is very similar to amphetamine by its effect, therefore its sale is under control of Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

Many patients have a strong desire to keep taking Phentermine after they finish using these weight loss pills. It happens because Phentermine may cause psychological dependence. However, doctors recommend such patients to take small doses of Phentermine for a while.

Apart from psychological dependence, termination of Phentermine therapy may cause one more side effect. Overweight patient should keep in mind that once he stops using Phentermine, his appetite might come back and become a big problem.

Termination of Phentermine therapy is a very important stage in fight against obesity. In this period, there is a high risk of gaining weight back again. Thus, when patient stops taking Phentermine, he must be very careful, because from now on he needs to control the appetite by himself. Well, this is not a big problem for those patients, who are very serious about their health.

Many patients may face some mental disorders after they finish Phentermine therapy. For instance, they can experience such conditions as extreme discouragement and helplessness, melancholy and constant fatigue. If these people used to “cure” depression by eating, then they will be very hard to keep their weight at achieved level.

It is quite normal if patient, who just finished taking weight loss pills Phentermine, gains some weight. The truth is that our body needs time to adapt to new conditions. The main thing is to wait until this period is over, without increasing the food intake.

If you have taken Phentermine before, but this drug is no longer available in your town, you can find Phentermine on online pharmacy. Prior to buy Phentermine tablets in the UK, make sure they can be delivered to your region.

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