Phentermine: Drug Test Issues

Since Phentermine is pharmacologically similar to amphetamine, the major issue that usually bothers many people who are on therapy with this diet medication is the following: what does the medicine show up as on a (urine) drug test? The answer to this Phentermine drug test issue will be the following: If shows up on a urinalysis test, Phentermine may produce a false-positive result for amphetamine.
BUT only for amphetamine (never methamphetamine), and only may produce, not confirm. First and foremost, as we’ve already said, the screened urine does not confirm that you are taking amphetamines. It only flags a positive reaction. This means that if the result like this takes place and is actually crucial in consequences, the second and sometimes third confirmation methods are usually used.

This will eliminate the idea of amphetamines intake and confirm the therapy with a diet medication like Phentermine. Besides, a valid prescription for Phentermine is another score to your ”not guilty” status, as most labs report the test positive owing to the medication intake.

Finally, a 37.5 mg pill of Phentermine can stay in the human organism somewhat between 4-8 days. Remember this when thinking about risks and options.

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