Double Dose Phentermine in One Day

Phentermine 30mg dose is recommended as a supplement for obesity treatment along with diet and increased physical activity. Obese patient must realize that Phentermine slimming pills are no panacea from obesity, but another effective instrument, able to cope with this chronic disease.

Obesity treatment takes lots of time and efforts as a rule. Phentermine is only designated for a short-term use, for three months maximum. Therefore, it happens that obese patients with an impressive weight loss result have a temptation of using two Phentermine 30mg pills a day.

Well, this might be a great mistake, which can harm your health causing intoxication or even hospitalization. You should not use more than one Phentermine 30mg slimming pill per day. Phentermine is a potent drug so it cannot be taken in unlimited quantity.

During clinical trials of Phentermine, optimal dosages were determined for the different categories of overweight patients. Nobody but a doctor can prescribe the dose of Phentermine 30mg. It is not recommended to increase or reduce the daily dose of Phentermine without a doctor’s permission.

When using any prescription drugs, the change of dosage may cause dysfunctions in the body and side effects. If a person uses two or more Phentermine 30mg slimming pills a day, there is a high risk of such side effects as:

  • Spontaneous loss of consciousness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain in the head and neck
  • Breach of sleep cycles
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling of lower extremities
  • Depressive disorders

The most severe side effects when using two Phentermine 30mg slimming pills may occur from the cardiovascular system. These side effects may involve a significant increase in the blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm.

In obese patients with cardiovascular disorders, two Phentermine pills increase the risk of irreversible necrosis of the heart muscle and acute violation of the cerebral circulation.

Thus, patients taking Phentermine should keep in mind that obesity increases the stress on the cardiovascular system in the first place, so they don’t want to expose their heart and circulatory system of even greater stress.

In rare cases, using of two Phentermine 30mg slimming pills reduces hunger even more, but instead it increases the risk of overdose. Symptoms of Phentermine overdose:

  • Slackness and unusual reaction to external stimuli
  • Muscle cramps and uncontrolled movement of the limbs
  • Blue lips, caused by lack of oxygen in the blood.

Having noticed any symptoms of Phentermine overdose, a patient should seek for a medical help immediately.

If you decided to buy Phentermine 30mg pills online, but you have never used them before, consult a doctor or a pharmacist.

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