Diazepam use in Phentermine overdose

In order to alleviate symptoms of Phentermine overdose, it is necessary to induce vomiting, to wash out the stomach and take activated charcoal. In order to improve the patient’s mental state, a tranquilizer Diazepam is recommended to use.

Negative consequences of Phentermine overdose can be convulsions and psychomotor agitation. Diazepam is necessary for sedative-hypnotic therapy: it reduces excitability of certain parts of the brain, reduces severity of convulsive activity and eliminates nervous tension.

Why is Diazepam necessary in Phentermine overdose?

  • reduces cardiotoxicity of the anorectic
  • inhibits motor convulsive reaction of the brain
  • protects the cerebral cortex against harmful effect of high doses of the anorectic
  • able to reduce intensity of convulsions and symptoms of anxiety within 15 minutes
  • restricts motor activity during strong excitement, reduces risk of damages in convulsions
  • has a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity, has anticonvulsant, soothing and muscle relaxant effects.

Although there are several ways to use this tranquilizer (oral, injectable, rectal), patients are usually prescribed with Diazepam tablets to treat Phentermine overdose.

Oral Diazepam should be used only if convulsions continue more than 3-5 minutes after taking high doses of Phentermine. To relieve symptoms of the anorectic overdose, a dose of Diazepam tablets can make 2-10 mg.

Diazepam injections should be used in patients who cannot swallow tablets.

To reduce severity of convulsive activity caused by Phentermine overdose, an intravenous injection of 10 mg of Diazepam is sufficient. If necessary, the injection can be repeated 10 minutes after the first dose. However, do not administer more than two doses of Diazepam within 24 hours.

For rectal administration, emulsions and rectal tubes of Diazepam are produced. To alleviate symptoms of Phentermine overdose, a single rectal application of 0.2-0.5 mg of the tranquilizer per kilogram of body weight is sufficient.

In rectal administration of Diazepam emulsion, the peak concentration in the serum is achieved in about 15 minutes, whereas anticonvulsant activity develops after 20-60 minutes when using rectal tubes.

To prevent symptoms of Phentermine overdose, in different countries of the world one can buy Diazepam under several trademarks.

In addition, drugs that are sold under the generic name Diazepam can be used to successfully overcome negative consequences of Phentermine overdose.

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