Correct weight loss diet: 5 secrets and 12 tips

A correct weight loss diet is a safe way to cut calories, without readjusting your taste. We have collected 12 extremely useful tips that will help you to easily adhere to the correct weight loss diet…

A correct weight loss diet is more a way of eating, than some short-term plan for losing weight. So, here are 5 secrets that will help you keep adhere to the right slimming diet in a simple way and as long as you like.

This is a simple way to cut calories without readjusting your taste. For example, you should choose

  • cheeses – that have a 30% fat content, instead of with 40-50 percent;
  • milk – with a 0.5 % fat content;
  • cottage cheese – of only fat-free variety, and not “homemade”;
  • yoghurts – dietary, low-fat and without added sugar.

low fat dairy productsWhite bread and rolls are very easily absorbed by the body. Thus, glucose immediately enters the blood and provides a great load on the pancreas and a very short lasting feeling of satiety.

Therefore, it is better to switch to rye “whole grain” bread with a high fiber content, since it:

  • saturates well,
  • contains many B vitamins, necessary for good muscle and peripheral nervous system functioning,
  • contains fiber, which, while moving through the intestines, clears our body of toxins and thereby protects against breast and intestinal cancer, and liver diseases.

No rollsFoods that are also rich in fiber and vitamins B are oatmeal, buckwheat, muesli (namely the “cereal” mixes – without additives of dried fruits, nuts and or, heaven forbid, chocolate).Fruit juices are very high in calories. Compare:

  • A glass of orange juice contains about 100 kcal and only 0.2 g of fiber.
  • An orange contains 70 kcal and almost 4 grams of fiber.

The orange will sate you, and the juice will slip by, leaving only calories and unnecessary sugar. Unprocessed vegetables and fruits are low in calories, and they spend 35 percent of their energy to digest themselves.

They also contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and microelements that hinder the development of tumors and cardiovascular diseases. When processed into juices, almost all these useful substances are destroyed. Therefore, it makes sense to drink only fresh juice, right from the juicer, without snacking on anything.JuicesCompletely abandon sausages and ham. Natural meat:

  • is more useful,
  • contains no nitrates, preservatives, excess fats and starch.

One 175 g pack of potato chips contains 975 kcal. To gain the same amount from boiled potatoes, you need to eat about a kilogram of it. Draw conclusions yourself!sausages and hamLong live mushrooms – low-calorie food! True, they are considered heavy for digestion, but provide a quick and long lasting satiation. You can fry mushrooms in a small amount of vegetable oil or stew, instead of using them in the form of sauces rich in fat, flour and empty calories.Mushroom

  1. Honestly write down every crumb that you eat, including sugar in tea or coffee.Before bedtime, count calories using Internet resources or special applications.
  2. To lose 1 kg, you need to get rid of 2000 kcal.This requires reducing the caloric content of the daily menu by one-third. This is usually achieved by replacing products with their low-fat varieties and refusing sweets, sausages and mayonnaise. Follow these restrictions, and you will lose about 3 kg in a month.
  3. If you can not survive without sweets, have marshmallows.They contain a minimum of fat, are tasty, and saturate quickly. 100 g of marshmallow contains 300 kcal, while 100 g of chocolate bonbons – 450-650 kcal.
  4. Avoid buying products that are sold in the nearest store. You need to buy those foods that are useful, even if you have to go far to get them.A walk with a specific goal is the best physical activity.
  5. Get a measuring cup.For ne serving of hot porridge, measure exactly 50 grams of any cereal and 200 g of skim milk. Cook porridge with water, pour in the milk and at the last minute. This will make your porridge more voluminous and satiating.
  6. Follow the rule of “one sandwich”. Whatever you want to eat, limit yourself to one piece, be it a sandwich, bonbon or yogurt.
  7. Better buy chopped bread, so that you have no temptation to cut a “slab” instead of a “slice”.Cut any bread for sandwiches, even the long French loaf across, and not along. Then the amount eaten will make a much greater impression.
  8. Never keep food in a place where you can see it all the time!
  9. Do not bite, lickand try anything during the cooking process! An exception is mastering a new recipe. But how often do you experiment?
  10. Follow the rule “in a cafe – only coffee”.Or tea. Or a cappuccino. But not the cakes!
  11. Complaints “I do not have money for a healthy weight loss diet” are totally rejected. The healthiest products – carrots, cabbage, milk, rye bread, fat-free cottage cheese, vegetable oil, oatmeal and buckwheat – do not cost much.
  12. The stomach does not care what it is filled with, a high-calorie chocolate cake or a sandwich of rye bread and low-fat cheese.The choice is yours!

Observance of these simple at first glance, yet very effective tips, will give you every reason to assert that you honestly and persistently observe a truly correct slimming diet. The result of which, in turn, will be reflected in your mirror after a while!

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