Contrave in the USA

Contrave is one of the few combined anti-obesity drugs sold in the US. Contrave is a 100% analogue of the European Mysimba. Contrave was approved for use and sale in the US market in September 2014.

Contrave is available in the form of extended release tablets, which contain 90 mg of Bupropion and 8 mg of Naltrexone. The manufacturer and supplier of Contrave diet pills in the United States is the pharmaceutical company Orexigen.

  • The therapeutic effect of Contrave lies in a gradual weight reduction through appetite taming and hunger suppression.
  • Contrave is about 4 times more effective than exercise or a balanced diet used alone.

With Contrave, weight loss will not only be quick and comfortable, but also profitable. In the United States, the cost of Contrave for uninsured patients is about $ 1.5 per tablet. It is recommended to take 2 Contrave tablets daily. Thus, the cost of one day of anti-obesity treatment is about $ 3.

The manufacturer of Contrave, Orexigen Company, offers obese Americans a unique way to save on weight loss. Use the saving card to get a discount when buying Contrave in the US pharmacies or online.

The discount program for Contrave is available to all US residents, who reached adulthood. Insured Americans with obesity also can use discounts on Contrave from the manufacturer.

Depending on the chosen program, the amount of discount on Contrave is:

  • Contrave Savings Card – $ 3 per day
  • Medicare – $ 3 per day
  • TRICARE – $ 3 per day
  • Private insurance – $ 1 per day
  • Get Contrave Now – up to $ 111 without card/month.


The program Get Contrave Now allows you to get a discount on these diet pills in any US pharmacy network, even without presenting a discount coupon. Obese Americans can order from the manufacturer a free delivery of Contrave to any state.

In addition, Americans, who use a discount card to buy Contrave, get a free three-month subscription to the program ScaleDown. Overweight patients that register with the ScaleDown program receive daily short messages that contain recommendations for an effective weight management.

Orexigen Company also offers patients other support programs: phone or online consultations, the possibility to get a prescription for Contrave by mail. Before proceeding with the online consultation with a healthcare professional, you should fill out a questionnaire that will help determine the appropriateness of Contrave use.

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