How can I get a prescription for Phentermine

In order to get a prescription for Phentermine, it is necessary to contact the healthcare professional and set a day and time for consultation.

  • During the first consultation, the doctor usually asks questions about the diet and serving size.
  • The person is also offered to measure body weight, blood pressure and pulse.
  • In some cases, the doctor may prescribe additional diagnostic tests and ultrasound exam for complete diagnostic obesity.

Hormonal disorders can be a cause of obesity. Therefore, the healthcare professional can direct the patient to take tests that determine level of hormones in the blood.

Study of blood lipids, including level of cholesterol and triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins is one of the mandatory tests.

The results of investigations will help to establish a cause of accumulation of excess weight. If overeating (in most cases, exactly increased appetite and constant overeating are causes of excess weight and obesity) is a cause of obesity, the doctor can prescribe Phentermine.

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