Phentermine Brands Commonly Used

Phentermine Brands

For more than 50 years of retail Phentermine sales, these diet pills have been sold under dozens of different brands. The history of Phentermine includes both world famous brands and unpopular brand names that are known only to a limited number of consumers.

Especially for the visitors of, we have created a list of the most often prescribed Phentermine-containing drugs that have ever been sold in pharmacies.

Besides brand names for Phentermine, the list includes trade names of non-prescription drugs for weight loss, which are often used as a safe alternative to Phentermine.

  • When creating the list of prescription diet pills, we used only reliable information resources that base their information on the data from national health systems in different countries.
  • Information on non-prescription diet pills is based on the information, provided by the manufacturer, as well as consumer reviews and expert opinion.