Body fat percentage

Fat is a reserve source of energy for the person’s body.

However, overabundance of fat in the body increases a risk of appearance or progression of metabolic, cardiovascular and many other diseases.

Measurement of fat percentage allows to determine the ratio of amount of adipose tissue to the total body weight regardless of the person’s height and body weight. Having made such measurements, it is possible to determine composition of the person’s body and take steps to preserve and improve health.

To measure percentage of soft tissues, special medical devices, such as body fat scales or analyzers are used. They pass an extremely weak electric current through the body and show the body composition indicators on the display.

Using the scales or analyzers, difference between mass of fat and mass of muscles, bones and water in the body can be seen.

The average body fat percentage is:

10-15% for men

15-25% for women

A healthy fat percentage is different in men and women. This is related to different biological nature and hormones. Even if levels of physical activity and diet are the same, men have more muscles and less adipose tissue than women do.

The body composition changes with increasing age. The human body may contain by 2-5% more fat after 40 years of age and it is not considered harmful to health.

Today, it is possible to use a simple calculator to determine fat percentage. It will show indicators of a healthy body composition depending on the person sex and age.

If the body has a lot of adipose tissue and little muscles, it is necessary to take steps to solve this problem. The earlier you start to fight excess fat and make it a habit, the faster you will achieve a healthy body weight.Exercise and diet are the starting point for any weight loss program. If they do not help, prescription or OTC drugs for weight loss can be used.Reduction of the total body weight by 5-10% help decrease the amount of body fat by 10-30%. Drugs for weight loss combined with changes in lifestyle will improve composition of your body and will surely reduce your fat percentage.

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