Phentermine Available Forms

On the global pharmaceutical markets, Phentermine is supplied in the following dosage forms:

  • immediate release tablets and capsules;
  • extended-release capsules and tablets;
  • orally disintegrating tablets (ODT);

The main difference between immediate release and extended release formulas is in release rate of Phentermine 37.5 tablets and capsules and in duration of anorexigenic effect.

Immediate release Phentermine pills are characterized by rapid release and immediate onset of anorexigenic effect.

Herewith, such tablets and capsules can be opened, divided into parts, crushed and chewed, that is very convenient for patients with swallowing disorders.

Immediate release tablets Phentermine have a score line. By its means, the tablet can be divided into two equal parts. This makes it possible to adjust the anorectic dose taking into account needs of each patient.

Many patients prefer exactly the immediate release tablet, because they can take a small dose of Phentermine twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon) by dividing it in half.

Unlike immediate-release tablets, extended-release tablets and capsules should be taken whole, not divided into parts or chewed. If to break shell integrity of such tablet or capsule, therapeutic effectiveness of Phentermine can be decreased.

Some obese people like Phentermine extended release formulations. Due to the fact that Phentermine is released gradually, the person forgets about food for the whole day and feeling of hunger does not bother him.

Extended-release capsules and tablets Phentermine are taken once daily, in the morning. They are convenient since there is no need to monitor the time to take the next dose of the drug in time. It is almost impossible to miss a dose of this anorectic.

Regardless of whether you use Phentermine extended-release or immediate-release tablets / capsules, take them with a glass of drinking non-carbonated water.

Orally disintegrating tablets Phentermine are not be taken with water. They dissolve rapidly in the mouth and are usually prescribed to patients with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and elderly.

ODT Phentermine differs from traditional tablets and capsules by the fact this drug is absorbed through the oral mucosa directly into the blood, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

Due to this, bioavailability of ODT Phentermine is higher than that of oral tablets. This provides a rapid onset of anorexigenic effect.

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