Cucumber diet to lose 10 kg

Cucumber diet is a very popular weight loss method. This wonderful vegetable is 90% water, and just 15 kcal per 100 g of product.

Slimming tea

The dream of many people is to lose weight without any effort, without limiting yourself with diets and without exhausting yourself with grueling workouts. A huge industry has formed around this desire, offering “miracle products for weight loss”. Perhaps, the most popular miraculous weight loss method is to drink a special slimming tea.

Vitamins, supplements and minerals

It is not safe to make a decision on taking this or that micronutrient yourself. Stop guessing by reading tea leaves and have your blood tested with no hesitation, if you notice any specific symptoms, like:

Everyone can lose weight!

Is it possible to understand looking at the children whether they will have excess weight problems or not? Excess weight is often due to food habits of the family. If a child consumes high-calorie food from childhood (porridge with milk, pancakes, chips, bars, sweet soda) and sits at the computer all day instead of walk…

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Methods for determining BMI The body mass index (BMI) is calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. BMI calculation is one of the simplest ways to determine whether body weight is insufficient, normal or excessive.

Body fat percentage

Fat is a reserve source of energy for the person’s body. However, overabundance of fat in the body increases a risk of appearance or progression of metabolic, cardiovascular and many other diseases.

Secret diet life-hacks of celebrities

Losing weight on lettuce and cucumbers is boring. What a difference it makes to lose weight while stuffing your stomach with Japanese potatoes or eating every day only food of one particular color. And what do you think about such weight loss methods, as: drinking apple cider vinegar and eating coconut oil with a spoon?